Academic Challenge prepares for competition

Academic Challenge will be starting practices next week. Practices will be held Tuesday after school and Wednesday before school in room C192, in preparation for their first competition. The team will be participating in their first Academic Challenge Competition at Casper College on Nov. 3.

Academic Challenge is a series of contests designed to provide high schools with a regular season of academic competition. At the end of the regular season there is a state tournament held for the top schools in the state. Competitions consist of four to five rounds of questions covering all subject areas. Most of the rounds are oral, but some are written. Students receive points for their team by answering these questions correctly.

Teams need at least four players, but they usually get up to four additional players as substitutes. Currently, there are six students signed up for Academic Challenge. Coach Ray Olson said,”We are looking for a couple more players for substitutes because the four players get tired of answering every single question.”

Students who are interested in joining Academic Challenge need to see Ray Olson in room C192. He is looking for two more players as substitutes. More players could be the deciding factor in attending the state competition.