Miller Slaughter presents returning veterans with gifts

SHS Senior Miller Slaughter spent his spare time these past few months working with the Veterans Hospital fundraising and doing charity work. He teamed up with the Veterans Hospital in Sheridan to collect home goods for returning vets.

This project was called “Home-in-a-Box”, and its goal was to collect any and all home goods for veterans returning home. “Veterans are put up in apartments without any furnishings when they get back, and Home-in-a-Box helps them get started with the essentials,” Slaughter said. With help from the VA, he has been collecting home goods and appliances for returning vets the past few months. All students in the high school were encouraged to participate in this charity, and were able to drop off anything they wanted to be donated to at the front office. Items were collected either before or after school up until Oct. 31. All the packages were then put together, and they have been delivered to the veterans’ homes. Slaughter’s hope was to gather enough home goods for each of the veterans to more than enough to get back on their feet when they get home.