Student Council Food Drive

The Sheridan Student Council is putting their efforts into a school-wide food drive this year. Starting from the end of Thanksgiving break to the beginning of Christmas break, the idea is to create competition between the various clubs and organizations by presenting an award to the club who raises the most canned food.

“We hope this will spur students to come and donate food to those less fortunate…it’s a wonderful opportunity to get the student body involved in helping out their fellow man and truly start getting into the spirit of the holidays with the idea that it is better to give than to receive,” said Student body president Michael Rotellini. Thus anyone with a giving heart should sweep through their pantry and bring their extra cans to any teacher’s room who sponsors an organization or any link room.

“There are about 200 families asking for assistance from the food back…so there’s a definite need and anything someone can give will help,” said Student Council leader Ward Cotton.