Spanish Club spreading cheer


Spanish club sponsor Mario Montano hold the He-Man volleyball trophy.

Walking through the commons in the morning, one question seems to be circulating: “What’s up with the pinatas?” The Spanish Club at SHS is celebrating Christmas with a Mexican flare.

Along with the ‘A’ drawing that has already taken place, Spanish Club will visit two elementary schools on Dec 21. The club will be showing the kids fun games and smashing pinatas in the meantime. “It’s something we do for them before Christmas,” said Spanish Club President Alex Vaira, “It’s really fun.”

The huge pinata that will be seen in the cafeteria later this year will be around eight meters in diameter, and hold a bunch of treats. “[People] come up with really cool ideas in the club,” said senior Ellen Weber, who, along with junior Morgan Brenneman, would definitely urge students to get involved with Spanish Club.

“It’s a lot of fun; we have a lot of activities and some community service,” said Spanish Club sponsor Mario Montano. The club is expanding its activities with the volunteer work and a trip to Denver for Cinco de Mayo.

Spanish Club will give a $500 scholarship at the end of the year to a lucky senior.