Knowledge Master Open

The Sheridan High School recently participated in the Knowledge Master Open, and they placed third in the state, behind Tongue River and Gillette. The Knowledge Master Open is a competition where students in a school have a limited time to answer a series of questions as a group and then at the end they are compared with other school’s responses.

The competition was held in a computer lab on Dec. 3. The competing students showed up around seven-thirty and were served breakfast before they participated in a practice round before the actual competition. Around nine thirty students of different classes competed in the competition bringing a wide variety of backgrounds to the team. Junior Grace Henderson said, “Everyone knew different categories better than others. It was fun to be in a room with not one person who knew everything, but rather a room full of people who collectively knew almost everything.”

To participate in the competition the students missed their first and second periods; however, the option to participate in the competition was a choice for students and all who wanted to be in it were accepted.

The Knowledge Master team will look to keep doing well. Everyone is encouraged to go out so students who are thinking of participating next time do not hesitate to do so.