Outstanding Senior Award


Ellis has been in Allstate for four years.

Each year one senior in the choir, band and orchestra at the All State music conference is awarded the Most Outstanding Senior Award. The music board nominates the best four auditions to apply for this award. GPA is also considered. Each applicant is then required to write an essay on what inspires him or her to excel in music.

The top musicians of the State are competitors for this award. “The musicians that I was competing against are incredible people so I was surprised,” said Ellis.

According to Razmick Sarkissian, only three of his students have earned this award in the past ten years of his teaching. “Cameron Ellis is a hardworking, extremely committed student that works up to his potential. He has a strong desire to excel in performance and is a wonderful, kind and polite gentlemen,” said Sarkissian.

Ellis has been in Allstate for four years.