SHS commons hosts una pinata grande


The pinata hangs above the commons day in and day out, it replaced smaller pinatas from earlier in the year.

Spanish teacher, Mario Montano and several students from the Spanish Club and his spanish classes went to work this past month and made the biggest pinata in Wyoming.

The pinata was made of a gigantic balloon covered with newspaper and tissue paper. The students worked long and hard during class to complete the task. “It took three weeks to construct the pinata,” said Montano.

Montano came to know that it was the biggest pinata in the state of Wyoming through research on the internet and asking around the state. “I did some research on the internet and didn’t see any others so I came up with idea to do it,” said Montano. “The idea came from me and I did it to involve the kids, and I was looking for something to teach them about the culture.”

The pinata is still hanging in the commons area.