Freshman wins “Doodle for Google” competition


Lauren Sarantopulos won the state competition for “Doodle for Google.” She will travel to New York at the end of May for the final round.

Sheridan High school had a top ten finalist in the Doodle for Google competition. The stakes are high as the winner receives a $50,000 technology grant for his or her high school and a $30,000 dollar scholarship.

Lauren Sarantopulos’s doodle was the winner of the school and was submitted to the state competition where she took first place. Her doodle was then submitted as a national finalist. The title for the doodle is “Living in a Fairytale.” At the high school, Google representatives came to the school and gave out T-shirts while presenting her Doodle along with information about google and it’s products. Sarantopulos came up with the idea to do a fairytale setting because, “Everything always works out in a fairytale and it made for a good theme” according to the national finalist.

This isn’t the first time Sarantopulos has been to nationals. Every year that she has been able to compete, Sarantopulos has submitted a drawing in the contest. As an elementary student she also made it to the national competition, making winning a second time very surprising to her. “ I was really shocked that I’m going to nationals again because usually if you have won before you don’t go again… I am really excited to go!” said Sarantopulos.

Sarantopulos will be flying to New York towards the end of May to see if she will be chosen as the winner for the 8-9th grade division. Over 130,000 entries were submitted in the competition so it is a major achievement to be a national finalist, let alone do it twice.