The 2013 summer “European Carousel”


Il Duomo di Milano is one example of the innumerable impressive architectures of Italy which the voyagers of the 2013 European Carousel will be privileged to experience.

This summer, SHS teacher Sharon Deustcher will be leading a fifteen day European “Carousel” across Europe that includes the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and England. There will be guided tours through the beautiful cities of Munich, Venice, Lucerne, Paris and London.

Mrs. Deustcher said “there’s so many things to see and if you don’t, you have a lot of regrets when you look back.”┬áThe voyagers will experience Hiedelberg Castle, the Eiffel Tower, Dodge’s Palace, Big Ben and Anne Frank’s house. Deustcher said, “it makes you appreciate what you have and Wyoming, when you go out and experience and then come back.”

The trip cost about $4,00o and the group will leave June 11th and return June 27th.

If you’re disappointed you missed the deadline of this year’s trip, inquire and sign up now for the 2015 trip, Rome to Athens. This trip will be 13 days and the main transportation between Italy and Greece will be a cruise ship. If one signs up now, the cost will be considerable lower. So if you’re interested, contact Deustcher for details.