Wrestling looks forward to a successful season


Sophomore Colten Heil pins down his Billings West opponent at a home duel. Last year, Sheridan came in third at the state tournament behind Campbell County and Cheyenne East.

As the wrestling season approaches, wrestlers look forward to having a successful year by having good practices.

Often wrestlers aren’t given enough credit as to how much work they put in, both in the offseason and during the season. During the season, the team has two to three days a week where they will have practice twice a day; once at six-thirty in the morning, where they do a lot of conditioning, and another after school at four where they work on technique and wrestling moves. “Practice is always intense and it is always worth it to be in better shape than your opponent.” said senior Hayden Richins, who was unable to wrestle last year.

Practice is also challenging because wrestling practice pushes the wrestlers to want to give up, but, according to junior Cody Delk, “You have to push yourself both physically and mentally to keep going.” This attitude is imperative to success as it is an expectation of the team to go hard and do their best when it comes to matches.

Wrestlers also have a lot of different stereotypes that aren’t necessarily true. Not all wrestlers are required to cut weight. It is an option that some wrestlers choose to do, but it is not something that the team requires its student athletes to do. Also, the mentality of wrestlers is different from what most people expect it to be. Wrestling isn’t all about strength. Speed, technique, and whether or not a wrestler is in better shape than his opponent all contribute to a successful match.

Wrestlers are very dedicated student athletes. Their work ethic and determination to do well will have a big impact on their success. The wrestlers’ first tournament will be on Friday, Nov. 30 in Powell.