SHS golf faces inclement weather at qualifier

The SHS golf team returns home with senior Samantha Spielmen taking first, and the team winning sixth overall from Sept. 23-24 at the state meet.

Courtesy Joe Quinn

The SHS golf team returns home with senior Samantha Spielmen taking first, and the team winning sixth overall from Sept. 23-24 at the state meet.

   Continuing Gabi Wright’s success at the state golf tournament, senior Samantha Spielmen won the coveted first place. From Sept. 23-24, the team was in Rock Springs battling the elements, eventually ending up winning sixth as a team within the entire state. In total, the team played 36 scoring holes, 18 per day, with an additional 18 practice rounds that Thursday. 

   Before being able to compete at state, the team went to the qualifier on Sept. 8-9, coming into contact with inclement weather. On Thursday, the course experienced extreme wind, and on Friday the rain hit. “The only time that you ever stop for weather is when it is unplayable,” said golf head coach Joe Quinn. “Thursday we had to stop because the winds were so bad that the ball would not stay on the green.”

   The boys ended up getting third and the girls took first as separate teams at the qualifier. To make the cut for state, the team had to get in the top four teams out of six, and they managed to do just that. Individually, players had to get in the top 20; however, Sheridan athletes did not have to worry about that since they made the team cut. 

   Going into state, the team had a total of five girls and boys, allowing for leniency when it came to scoring. Teams consist of four players, adding up their scores for a collective amount. If one player was deemed unable to play, they had a back up score to use. 

   “Our main goal was to just do our best at state,” Quinn said. “Over the entire season, we focused on consistently lowering scores.” 

   Samantha Spielmen and junior Garrett Spielmen have been golfing ever since they could lift the golf clubs. The siblings grew up in a whole family that golfs, playing for fun and competitively. “My goal was to just make all state, but I missed that by a couple shots,” said Garrett Spielmen. On the other hand, Samantha Spielmen aimed at winning state, which she managed to do successfully. 

   The siblings have seen a great change within the team, growing year by year to place higher at the final meets. “We had a great group of girls,” said Samantha Spielmen. “Our new coach has been a great addition too.”

   Throughout the season, the team practiced every day at the Kendrick Golf Course. They rotated through three stations: putting, chipping and range. About once a week, the team would go out on the course. This routine, Quinn reports, allowed the athletes to practice each part of the sport, enabling their best when it came to large meets. 

   Despite the elements, the SHS golf team came into the final tournament and brought their all, coming out successful. Although the team did not experience as much success as their previous first and third placings, they came out of the season with valuable lessons and skills, Quinn said.