Dubberley cherishes his last year on the SHS football team


Ashley Cooper

Dubberley makes a move on Cheyenne East during a home game on Sept. 25, 2020.

   For the past four years, it is difficult to avoid seeing or hearing the name “Dubberley” in news articles, headlines, photos, and conversations throughout the surrounding community and state of Wyoming. Excelling on the football and baseball field, basketball court, and in the classroom, senior Carter Dubberley has become well-known for his athletic abilities and astounding character.

   So far, within his time at Sheridan High School, Dubberley has been involved in several extracurricular activities and looks for ways to contribute to and better his community. Participating in basketball, baseball, football, National Honor Society, and taking courses such as English 1010, he has found a way to maintain a 4.0 GPA. 

   “The most important thing to me is putting in work and bettering those around me, always jumping at the opportunity to give back,” said Dubberley. 

   Due to being involved in sports since he was young, Dubberley has become a dedicated athlete. In Pre-K, he found a love for football and continued to watch and learn from the game with his father Allen Dubberley every Saturday and Sunday during the fall. Dubberley plays slot-back and mostly cornerback for the Sheridan Broncs. This means his role is heavy on covering receivers most of the time but also blitzing and defending against offensive running plays as sweeps and reverses. As a senior leader on the team, Dubberley hopes to implement what he has learned from the players before him and teach the underclassmen what they can do to become better football players, teammates, and individuals off the field. 

   “I want to make everyone around me better,” said Dubberley. “I want the underclassmen to become better for next season, and if they can do that, then it will be a win for me.” 

   Football is a team sport, and without teammates who do their part, it is difficult to become a successful team. Senior quarterback and close friend Zack Koltiska remarked on Dubberley, referring to his importance and contribution to the Broncs’ great team chemistry. 

  “He is a dude that is always looking to get better,” said Koltiska. “During the summer he was always down to throw the football whenever and is a guy that will jump in wherever the coaches need him.”

   During his sophomore and junior year, Dubberley contributed to the Bronc football team by helping the team make it to state in Laramie, Wyo., and winning a state title in the 2019 against the Thunder Basin Bolts. 

   “There really is no better feeling than winning a state championship,” said Dubberley. “It was an exciting experience overall, and to work that hard for something and then get a state championship out of your efforts is pretty amazing.” Looking forward to the rest of the 2020 football season, Dubberley hopes to reach the team goal of making it to state once again and hang up another banner. 

   Without the help of past and current coaches, Dubberley would not be the athlete and individual he is today. “Coach Mowry and the rest of the coaching staff has taught the team and I to not just be great football players but better men in general,” said Dubberley. “They care about so much more than just football.” With that, head coach Jeff Mowry includes his thoughts on Dubberley. “Whether you see him on the field or in the classroom, he approaches every situation with everything he has,” said Mowry. “Simply put, he is a great young man.”

   As his last football season as a Sheridan Bronc comes to an end in the next few weeks, Dubberley has had time to reminisce but also appreciate and enjoy his last few practices and games with his teammates and coaches. 

   “I plan to not take anything for granted and enjoy every moment that is left,” said Dubberley.  

   Outside of sports and academics, Dubberley enjoys being outdoors and going hunting and fishing with his family and friends. After high school, he plans on getting a degree in environmental science, but is undecided on where he would like to attend college. 

   With that, Dubberley is proud to say he has been a part of the Sheridan Bronc football program, and is grateful for what it has taught him, such as having class, helping the community, including his peers, and just being a good person overall. 

   Dubberley is the son of Bridget and Allen Dubberley.