Milne has great expectations for the future


Milne gets ready for beginning a major in music. (Photo courtesy Victoria Milne)

   Senior Aiden Milne has been one of the most eccentric students that Sheridan High School has had the pleasure of knowing. He has worn some crazy outfits. Some of Milne´s most memorable outfits have ranged from his famous ice cream hat, a Power Ranger suit, and skis. 

   Milne has done so much more than bring a smile to the student body’s face. He has been in many activities inside and outside of high school. Many of his in-school activities include being secretary of the National Honor Society; he is also a member in Spectrum and Honor choir, and boys swimming. 

   He has been a part of Honor Choir since freshman year and stepped up to Spectrum his sophomore year and has been a part of both ever since. Milne has grown tremendously since his freshman year. “Aiden has been a great leader,” said Ashley Lecholat, the choir director for SHS. “Aiden has realized this year that to have a strong group as we have had in years past that someone needs to step up to the plate, and he chose to be that someone.” Milne has shown that in his own personal ways. He has been completely honest and open, no matter the situation. Even with his goofy personality, he has the respect he deserves in the classroom. “Every person he has come in contact with shows respect, and he listens to them and just tries to find the best in every person,” said Lecholat.

   He is connected with many activities and groups outside of school. He is involved in multiple youth groups which include CRU, a youth group for teens. He also attends church choir on top of his in the school choir, and he has a job at McDonald’s. Most of the activities in his life were influenced by his beliefs. “I have gone to church my whole life and then joined the choir,” said Milne. “That got me into music, and leads me to all the choir groups and youth groups that I am in today.” This has impacted him to try to look at every day as a new day to do something wonderful.

   Milne considers himself laid back and just “goes with the flow.” He loves to see what a new day brings, waking up and deciding that he is going to do something bewildering that day. Lots of students look at him and smile as he is just himself, even on the bad days. 

  In all honesty, Milne does not know what he wants to major in college. “I just want to have fun with my life,” said Milne. “I like having fun, doing shenanigans, such as skis at school.” Milne does not exactly know what he wants to do after high school. All he knows is he wants to go to college and figure out what he wants to major in. He does know that he wants to choose a church and stick with it.  He does know, however, that if he had to choose right now, it would have to do with something that pertains to music. Music is such a big part of his life, and pursuing it as a passion would be even better. Academically, he surpasses most, as he is the secretary for the National Honor Society. He has some of the best grades in the school, which most know as he is in NHS, but he does not flaunt it as many would. He just stays happy and friendly to those all around him. 

   Milne looks at all the people in his life full of wisdom, the elders who just show him different outlooks on life. These are the people who inspire him to be who he is. “Whether that be the choir members who I’ve learned to sing from or just the people who’ve had faith for 60 to 70 years of their life, showing how much I can learn from them,” said Milne. “Just seeing how many years they have under their belt and they have gone through troubles, and that can help me dodge those troubles.”

   Not only does he learn from the older people around him at church, but he has learned from his parents, who are punctual and down to earth. Milne is carefree and always willing to take on a new day. This has definitely shown during his high school years. He is almost never late to class and is always willing to help out others. Milne is still himself while throwing in the little things he has learned like time efficiency and the respect for others from the people around him into the mix.

   Milne is the son of Robert and Victoria Milne.