Gardner will leave positive impact on SHS girls basketball


Gardner hopes to pursue a career in business or finance when she graduates. (Photo courtesy Ashley Cooper)

Senior Libby Gardner is not only an excellent student here at Sheridan High School, but she is also involved in many activities such as golf, basketball, and soccer. Gardner is always ready to greet her teachers and friends with a friendly “hello,” and has a smile for everyone at SHS, making the school more welcoming.

   Gardner has participated in golf, basketball, and soccer all four years of her high school career, and they have not just been a typical sport for her. For Gardner, these sports have helped her make new connections with new people and taught her many life lessons. “[They have taught me] how to work hard and be a part of a team and just commit and persevere,” said Gardner. Ryan Sullivan, the head basketball coach, loves having Gardner be a member of the team. Sullivan has known Gardner for two years now and thinks having her around has positively impacted the basketball culture within the Lady Bronc program. “She has a fantastic attitude, she works very hard, and she is a contagious effort girl. Libby does a lot of things that are hard to coach girls how to do and she does them very well.” 

   Gardner is one of the leaders within the Lady Bronc basketball program and Sullivan believes that people look up to Gardner, since she is one of two seniors within the program. “We have a lot of girls that emulate what Libby’s demeanor is, and it’s a really positive culture to be a part of. Libby plays a big part in that,” said Sullivan. Gardner’s greatest influences are her parents, who got her playing sports when she was little. Sullivan also talks about how much he enjoys having Gardner at practice. “I always appreciate having Libby at practice, practice is different when Libby isn’t around because it’s just not as enthusiastic and energetic,” said Sullivan. 

   Junior Samantha Spielman, one of Libby’s teammates on the golf and basketball teams, has enjoyed playing with Gardner throughout high school. “Libby is a very supportive teammate,” said Spielman. “Playing with her over the years has been so fun. She works very hard and is driven in everything she does. She is very organized, and a great leader overall.”

   Gardner is not only a hard worker in whatever sport she is participating in, but she also works very hard in the classroom. She takes pride in her learning, and takes every assignment she is given head-on. One of Gardner’s favorite classes is psychology because she finds the brain very fascinating and likes to understand how it applies to everything humans do. Gardner also enjoys taking some math classes such as physics; however, she would not consider it one of her favorites. 

   Besides her academic career at the high school, Gardner has made friendships and bonds with many different people that will last a lifetime. Gardner says that the thing she will miss most about SHS when she leaves is the people and relationships she has made throughout the years. Outside of the gym, Gardner is still a friend to everyone she meets. Sullivan thinks that losing Gardner after she graduates will be very disappointing, considering people tend to look up to Gardner, even outside of basketball. “Libby is somebody the girls can go to for advice or for whatever they need,” said Sullivan. “She would have their back, and so not having that in our program will be huge. Libby is such a great young person, so whatever she decides to pursue, I’m excited to track it and see how she does,” said Sullivan. 

   Gardner is pretty set on where she wants to go to college, Flagstaff, Az. She wants to major in some sort of business or financing because she likes management and is not bothered by the math required in the finance department. Gardner would not like to pursue any sport in college because she would rather focus on her schooling instead. 

   Gardner is the daughter of Mindy and Josh Gardner.