To all you lonely hearts…


With this Valentine’s Day learn to appreciate all the love in your life, not just the romantic love.

With the week of Valentine’s Day, along with the commercial rush of big fuzzy teddy bears, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, the massive bouquets of red roses and the endless aisles of Valentine’s day cards, comes the jealous grumblings of the single population. You all know what I’m referring to.

The Facebook statuses with the common theme of “I hate Valentine’s Day”; the desperate tweets of “no one loves me #foreveralone”; the jealous glares towards any couple accompanied by “love makes me sick”: all I’d like to say to this percentage of jealous, lonely hearts is….no, you don’t hate Valentine’s Day or you wouldn’t care to complain so much.

There’s no denying the day could be aptly named “Single-Awareness Day,” as it’s hard to miss all the sappy statuses, and love-struck tweets between couples when you aren’t able to participate in it yourself.  However, it doesn’t have to be a negative aspect of your life.

Consider this…You didn’t have to search for hours for the perfect gift for your valentine. You didn’t lose sleep wondering whether he got you something as well. You didn’t have to suffer the disappointment of some, who’s sweetheart forgot what day it is.

Instead, you have the liberty to go out with your friends when you choose, not just on Valentine’s Day but any day, always. You have no one to impress; you can talk to your cat or dance maniacally to your favorite tunes on your bed to your heart’s content. You can laugh at the couples that are so wrapped up in their own fairytale they’ll never understand the independence that grows from embracing reality. You don’t need a romantic relationship or one day of chocolates and roses to define your happiness.

Most of all, you do not fall into the large percent of people who participate in Valentine’s day because it’s expected of them to “prove” their love. You have the liberty, and hopefully the insight, to celebrate love everyday not just when it’s expected and commercially broadcasted. You have family, friends, and teachers who love you and support you.

Don’t be so small-minded to grumble over the lack of a boyfriend bearing flowers, or no girlfriend to tell you how much she loves you when you’re surrounded by love of many kinds every day. Romantic love will come when it will. Be sincerely happy for the friends and family who are lucky to be experiencing it this year, and know your turn will come.

I challenge you to, instead of complaining every time you see a heart on Valentine’s Day, to simply be grateful for the love in your life and acknowledge it. Tell your parents you love them, give your little brother a hug, tell your friends what they mean to you, and be at least tolerant of the happy couples who will rule the day.

Who knows maybe next February 14th, you’ll be a valentine.