Winter Formals debut hopes to start annual tradition


(Photo courtesy Andrew Seaman)

   This year will be one to make history here at Sheridan High School. SHS has never hosted a Winter Formal in its 61 years of establishment. The winter formal is set to take place on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2021, the first day of Christmas Break, in the small gym. Sheridan High School’s student council has taken the reins on creating a magical night for its student body. In recent years, the student council has taken a more active role in the atmosphere, not only at the high school, but throughout the community as well. They used to be a group more focused on school events such as homecoming week, court warming, and a few other select events. However, they have become much more active in organizing additional events such as fundraising events and kindness initiatives in and out of the school. A winter formal is just another thing that the student council has taken on to spread the love to not only SHS but throughout the community.

   Many schools across the nation host winter formals, and they usually take place in between homecoming and prom. Sheridan’s homecoming has not been the typical, “textbook” homecoming that comes to mind when people think about the event, and prom is exclusively attended by juniors and seniors. A winter formal is a very happy medium of the two. The winter formal will have a semi-formal dress code: a bit fancier than homecoming, but not as dressed up as prom. A video presentation will be released detailing the dress code for students. There is an expectation that no students will wear jeans and all shirts will have collars. The first winter formal in SHS history is hopefully the first in a long line of annual dances hosted by the school.

   The dance is to be attended by high school kids only; however, it is open to Schiffer students as well, whereas some of the other events at the high school have not always been. High school students from other schools are also welcome but they must fill out a form to attend. Forms will be located at Jane Buell’s desk in the office. Each student will need a ticket to attend; there will be tickets pre-sold for $5 and tickets sold at the door for $7. Though it may not be entirely ideal as it is a tad early for a high school dance, the dance will be from 8-10 p.m.

   This year’s winter formal will be “Snow Coming” themed. As of right now, the student council team has talked about sending out a form where students can enter song recommendations for a playlist for the night of the dance to allow students feel like they have a say in the music that is played, but also ensures all songs to be preapproved to ensure they are school appropriate. Being the first winter formal, there will not be a whole lot of decorating like there is for prom. The students and staff are hopeful for the outcome of the winter formal.