2021 Warren Miller film tour hits Sheridan


Photo courtesy Warren Miller Entertainment

   This year’s 72nd annual Warren Miller film “Winter Starts Now” was released Nov. 5. The release of the yearly Warren Miller film has become a common tradition especially for Wyomingites for the opening of ski seasons across the state. Antelope Butte and the Wyo Theater, both of which are based in Sheridan, Wyo,. sponsored the film to bring it to the ski film lovers and critics of Sheridan, Wyo. 
   The film was a compilation of ski adventures all over the United States. The first destination film is Maine, featuring a family on the coast that double as crab fishers and ski crafters. The resort presented in this state is Sugar Loaf, which has both family-friendly and expert-level slopes. 
   The second destination is Alaska, where the time spent in the great outdoors state is in the Prince William Sound. Skiers boarded a boat for a few weeks and cruised along with the sound in search of untouched terrain to test their ski skills and limits of their bravery. They created bonds with the crew and caught their dinner right off the side of the boat. This segment was entertaining for the entire audience to watch. 
   Another ski resort that is featured in Warren Miller’s “Winter Starts Now” film was Howelsen Ski Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, which talked about their yearly winter sports club. In the past, it has produced 96 Olympic snow sports competitors ranging anywhere from snowboarders and skiers, all the way to ski jumpers. 
   Jackson Hole Wyoming was also featured. Instead of highlighting the larger, more popular Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the film crew took to the more localized and homely Snow King Mountain Resort. This resort is focused on people of all ages but mainly kids. With a renowned ski program, their goal is to produce great skiers out of the younger population in Jackson Hole, Wyo. 
   The film later moves on to the infamous slopes of Denali, a paralegic athlete, Pete Mcafee and his friend. One athlete with an amputation to the mid-calf due to a blood disorder in his leg shortly after he was born, and the second with an amputation to the mid-thigh. These athletes were chosen for this segment of the movie due to their brave and notable effort to set a record for the first disabled athletes to make it to the top of Denali and ski down. Both athletes made the journey both ways without prosthetics. “We did this in order to normalize disabilities in athletes and to prove that amputees can do anything with the right gear and the right opportunities,” said Mcafee.
   Overall, the film surpassed the expectations and impressed many viewers with the content, making it a staple in Wyoming. This year’s film differed from past productions with its inclusion of people with completely different backgrounds and outlooks on life, kicking off this year’s 2021-22 winter season.