Rabon uses exceptional academics for future


Rabon manages his soccer, basketball, and tennis seasons with his strenuous academic schedule. (Photo courtesy Stephanie Penrose)

Senior Reed Rabon plays an active role in his extracurricular activities, academic endeavors, and social life. Rabon has already begun to put his successes towards his future, as he continues his college search and application, all while maintaining a heavy course load and continuing his activities outside of Sheridan High School. “Doing more now will set me up for success later in life,” Rabon said. “Even though it’s my senior year, I don’t want to let myself fall behind after all this work.”

   Rabon participates in basketball and soccer for Sheridan, playing an important role on both varsity teams. Last year, he helped to lead the varsity boys basketball team to third in the state. Rabon’s exceptional work ethic and unwavering love for his sports have not only improved his success on the court but in the classroom as well. Michael Thomas, Rabon’s past AP Government teacher, advisor for We the People, and eighth-grade basketball coach. “When I think of Reed Rabon, I think of his curly hair on top of his head since eighth-grade basketball,” said Thomas. “Yet on a more personal note, I think Reed exhibits some characteristics of leadership on and off the basketball court.” 

   Taking a heavy load of Advanced Placement classes and maintaining a GPA of above 4.0, Rabon sits in the top five of his class. One of his favorite classes, AP Literature, is taught by Brian Rizer. “I have had the pleasure of getting to know Reed this year,” said Rizer. “He takes his education very seriously and has such great insight that really exemplifies his desire to learn.” 

   Still, this impressive addition to any application or reward that may come is not what drives his diligence in the classroom. Rabon, who participated in We the People his junior year, continues to mentor the members of this rigorous class and club, even though there is no material benefit allotted to him for doing so. “We the People taught me so much about how our government works, and I want to help this year’s students to get a similar experience,” said Rabon. We the People is directly connected to AP United States Government and is mentored by Michael Thomas and Kim Ferguson, who led Rabon’s team to the national competition last year. 

   Rabon is also a member of the National Honors Society, reflecting a tremendous amount about his character. The four pillars of NHS–character, leadership, scholarship, and service–are all accurate representations as to who Rabon is as a person, student, athlete, and leader. 

   “My biggest inspiration is Wade Kinsey, the assistant high school soccer coach, and my fall coach,” said Rabon, “Wade has taught me much more than soccer- he has shaped me to be a well-rounded student, athlete, and person. He has shown me that soccer is more than just a game, it’s an opportunity to meet new people, build character, and develop work ethic.” Rabon was captain of the fall U19 Storm Soccer team this year.

    Other hobbies of Rabon’s include playing guitar, skiing, going to the lake, and completing other outdoor activities. Although his college search is largely academically driven, Rabon says, “I hope to be somewhere where I can ski and be outside.” Still, he does not plan to continue a sports career in college. Rabon has applied early to Duke University in Durham, N.C., a very prestigious college, but also is interested in Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., as well as Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, N.C., for their academics and campus lifestyle. 

   As of now, Rabon expects to go either pre-law or pre-med, with a potential minor in nursing if the latter is the case. “I feel confident that I can succeed in college because Sheridan High School has provided me with the classes to excel wherever I go and taught me to be studious regardless of the material given,” said Rabon.  

   Not only is Rabon known as a great student and athlete, but he is also seen as an all-around good person and friend. Senior, Kaden Bateson, one of Rabon’s closest friends, said, “Reed has been my friend and teammate for a long time, and has always been by my side,” said senior Kaden Bateson, one of Rabon’s closest friends, “He is a very driven person and is dedicated to school and sports.” Rabon has a natural ability to acclimate to many different situations, not only participating in but excelling at a variety of subjects. This skill will undoubtedly help him to achieve his goals.

   Rabon is the son of Steve and Amy Rabon.