Cleland wraps up successful swimming career at SHS


Aside from being a talented swimmer, Cleland expressed interest in law for her future. (Photo courtesy Elayna Hixon)

   Isabel Cleland is a well known figure all throughout Sheridan High School for all sorts of achievements. She is not only a very successful swimmer but also very successful in the classroom. Cleland is able to have good grades while putting in a lot of hard work swimming. She, as a person, is sweet and caring, but most importantly, she is a great leader. This trait is key to the SHS swim team’s success. 

   “Isabel is a huge piece to our puzzle,” said senior, Sydney Black, Cleland’s lifelong best friend. Cleland is an IM in swimming, which means she is able to do any event that the team needs. Her versatility has helped the SHS swim team succeed, even through the challenge of having fewer kids compared to other schools. Cleland’s goals this year are to be better than she has her previous years and make her final year count. “The whole team are all really good friends, and I do think that is something that leads to our success.” Cleland says with the team being smaller, they really have to unite as one to really succeed. SHS competed this year in state and ended up with fifth place. 

   Cleland does not plan on pursuing swimming in the upcoming chapter in her life. “I’d like to pursue something like criminal justice; it really interests me,” said Cleland. Even though criminal justice interests Cleland, she hasn’t decided where she will be going after college, as she is being patient and weighing out her options. Some classes Cleland is taking this year are orchestra, criminology, and peer helpers. Cleland has always enjoyed music and orchestra, but it doesn’t interest her enough to pursue it in college. 

   Outside of swimming and school, Cleland loves to hang out with her very good friends as much as possible. If not hanging out with friends, she enjoys working out. Cleland always likes to be doing something, especially doing something active. Even though she is already well known throughout the school, because of her likeable personality, Cleland wishes that “I got to know a lot more people, especially in different grades than mine, like sophomores and juniors.” This would not be hard for Cleland to do, as she is always saying hi and smiling in the halls.   

   At home Cleland has one younger brother, Zander, who is a freshman this year. “We have a good relationship,” said Cleland. “Even though we do have our typical sibling moments where I try to embarrass him in the hallway and little things like that.” 

   Cleland says one thing she would tell her freshman self would be, “I would say to try your hardest. There’s no reason not to, and it’ll be very beneficial for you.” Cleland has an internship; she is working with Judge Fenn at District Court. “I enjoy my time when I’m there, and I really like it,” said Cleland. “I do want to pursue this kind of subject in the future.” After swimming is over, Cleland manages the SHS wrestling team. Her dad,Scott Cleland is a coach, and her younger brother is a wrestler as well. Cleland enjoys managing the team and is very helpful to the team and program. 

    “One song that would describe my high school career would definitely be” Cleland says “As Good As I Once Was” by Toby Keith.”  The song represents Cleland’s high school career, filled with memories that she will forever cherish. 

  All in all, Cleland has had a very successful high school career filled with all of her accolades and achievements. It doesn’t stop there, since no matter what Cleland plans on doing, she will be able to have a successful future. She can easily overcome any adversity and challenges thrown at her and make the best of the situation. Cleland’s legacy will live on throughout SHS for years to come, and the swim team will definitely have a hard time losing such a key asset and what she brought to the program.

   Isabel Cleland the daughter of Scott and Tasha Cleland.