Redesigned front entrance to be constructed this summer


Next year the SHS front will be include new office space and a secure entrance.

Sheridan High School will be undergoing some construction this summer. According to Dirlene Wheeler, the main entrance has been on the remodel list for the last 13 years.

School District #2 had decided that it is time to upgrade the front entrance of SHS, primarily to improve security and redesign administrative space. As soon as school is out for summer break, the construction will commence. The existing front entrance will be modified and updated. According to Wheeler, the project will run between 1 to 1.5 million dollars.

In addition to the main entrance, the main offices will be remodeled. The principal’s office, the resource officer, and the activities office will be moved out toward the new main entrance. The remodeled addition will be able to be locked down and stand alone. Any visitor will have to be buzzed in by a receptionist. The project is expected to run from late May through late October.

During construction the main entrance will be closed and people will need to enter the building through the Freshmen wing or the bus loop doors. The exit from the main front parking area will be closed; the current entrance to the main parking lot will become a two way street allowing for entrance and exit.