Cheer tryouts to be held Wednesday and Thursday


Cheerleading team tryouts for next year will be held in the mezzanine after school on the Wednesday May 22 and Thursday May 23 at 4:30.

Girls and boys are welcome. Senior cheerleader Kayla Bowie says, “Being a cheerleader makes people smile… I think it’s a good way for students, especially freshmen, to be part of something where the group is so close they become a second family. It’s a good support group for the younger kids. I’m excited to come back and see how much more they can do next year that we couldn’t do last year.”

The family theme is prevalent among this year’s team. Senior cheerleader Tori Arno also feels that the Cheerleaders become very close: “I would have to say that the cheer team is more of a family than a team and is worth trying at least once. The teams really love having us there to stay positive when others aren’t and it always is a blast to be a part of.”

So, whether it’s team building, dancing, exercise, or just getting involved, the SHS cheer team will help you get pumped up in school spirit.