Chinese buffet continues to impress

Upon entering the decorated front room of the restaurant and the welcoming staff, diners of the Dragon Wall Chinese Buffet also experience the aroma of freshly prepared Chinese cuisine. Everything from pineapple chicken, General Tao’s spicy chicken, and fried and white rice to salmon filet and freshly rolled sushi can be found on the buffet line. Even the pickiest of eaters can surely find something available as the buffet also offers different types of cuisine, including pizza, enchiladas, and of course, ice cream.

Even though there is always plenty of food and replenishing amounts of it coming out of the kitchen constantly, you may have to wait should there not be any available on the buffet line at the time. However, this is something the restaurant typically can’t control, simply because the only time food runs out on the buffet is when there are almost too many customers. Dragon Wall’s experience goes far beyond the incredible tasting food, however, because also offered is a unique dining experience from the simplistic yet comforting dining room setting, to the calming and relaxing music played at a reasonable volume.

All in all, the dining experience at Dragon Wall is very good with a very professional staff and, of course, amazingly good food at a very reasonable price for an all you can eat buffet.