Warehouse 201: the best in the 307


It has been one of the most acclaimed local restaurants among tourists and members of the Sheridan community alike. With a friendly staff, live music, and delicious food, Warehouse 201 has yet to meet a bad review. Upon entering the converted warehouse-to-restaurant, guests can be expected to be greeted by a very welcoming host or hostess and sat either in the bar or dining section. Although my party had arrived without reservation on the usual busy Friday night, we were sat immediately and were greeted by a lovely waitress waiting to take drink orders. After ordering and relaxing in the very comfortable chairs at our table, our food arrived and was presented in a truly elegant manner. Despite the unique look of our food as it was delivered, the quality was up to and above expectations. Although it may be a bit pricey, Warehouse 201 definitely deserves the many top notch reviews it has been getting and can be expected to continue to receive such reviews.