“Death Day” delivers chills


(Photo courtesy Universal Pictures)

  On Friday, Oct. 13th, “Happy Death Day” was released in theaters. This horror/mystery film follows a college sorority girl named Tree Gelbman (Jessica Roth) who is stuck reliving the same day, Monday the 18th, over and over. Adding to the mystery is the fact that this day just so happens to be her birthday, which she shares with her deceased mother.

  Tree lives this day several times, only to meet the same fate at the end of each day. She is brutally murdered by someone wearing a Bayford Baby University mask. Each day, Tree wakes up in the dorm room of Carter Davis (Israel Broussard), and the first few days the viewers are shown how low her morals are. The young party girl is portrayed as self-centered and disrespectful, not even stopping to wave back at fellow sorority sisters; she even has an affair with her professor.

   After being shown how Tree has led her life down the wrong road, she seeks help from the first person she sees at the start of her days, Carter. Having taken a class on dream analysis, Carter tells an anxious Tree that her only way out of the loop is to find out who her killer is. Tree then spends several of her lives searching through people she has hurt and upset to discover who may have the motive to kill her. Pushing herself through each day, Tree’s eyes open and she realizes that when things went wrong in her life, she became a person with an undesirable attitude.

She then goes into her days becoming a better person and cleaning up the mistakes she made for herself. However, just because she is cleaning up her act, does not mean the killer forgives her, and Tree is still left with the mystery of who is killing her. The movie continues with several plot twists and just when the viewers thinks Tree has saved herself, the movie keeps going.

Though the trailers for the movie promote a horror movie, the film lacks the consistent eerie feel to actually be considered horror. While the film is gory, it falls more into the genre of adventure and mystery. One could bring their adolescent child and both be impressed with the film. The work put into the film shows both in the quality of the story line and the camera work. If you find yourself bored, this is definitely a film to consider seeing this Halloween season.