Anticipated sequel “Bladerunner 2049” hits theaters


Ryan Gosling (left) and Harrison Ford (right) face off to fight and communicate. (Photo courtesy Scott Free Productions)

  The new movie, “Blade Runner 2049” movie has been released on Oct. 6, 2017 in theaters. This movie is a highly anticipated sequel to the Sci-Fi classic “Blade Runner,” that was released in the 1980’s.  

  Set thirty years after the original film, “Blade Runner 2049” portrays a replicant blade runner named K, starring Ryan Gosling, who uncovers the remains of a once impregnated replicant. K has to go on an undercover mission to find the child and destroy all evidence related to it so he can prevent a possible war between replicants and humans. This leads him to discover the child bears a connection to a former missing blade runner, Rick Deckard, played by Harrison Ford.

   This film is best to be avoided by young audiences due to frequent violence such as explosions, guns and shooting, bloody wounds, and brutal fighting. There also is a high amount of nudity and sexual content throughout the film. The director, Denis Villeneuve, did a fantastic job recreating the tone and atmosphere of the original movie by bringing back characters such as Ford, and starting the new Blade Runner movie from where it left off. The producers, Andrew Kosovo, Bud Yorkin, Broderick Johnson, and Cynthia Sikes, did much better in animation in “Blade Runner 2049” than the first movie. Roger Deakins animation in the movie is arguably his most masterful job. Deakin’s animation is so realistic and it makes the movie fun to watch.

   Although everything is well put together, “Blade Runner 2049” is not free of flaws. The movie is 163 minutes long. The producers had a lot of ground to cover, but there were moments in the movie that seemed to stretch on for a very long time that could have been shortened up. Other parts of the movie were hard to follow, and it was difficult to understand what was going on because I had not seen the first movie. It is recommended that viewers see the first Blade Runner movie before the second so it is easier to understand. Flaws and all, “Blade Runner 2049” was worth the while and is highly recommended to watch.