“Avengers: Infinity Wars” does not disappoint


  On April 27, “Avengers: Infinity War” broke the opening weekend box office record with $257,698,183. The theaters were packed the whole weekend and even the week after it released. This movie was about a Titan named Thanos who craves to collect all six Infinity Stones to eradicate half the population of the universe. The Avengers, of course, face off against Thanos to protect half the population of the universe to be erased.

  Originally, I did not have too high of hopes for the movie itself due to the number of main characters in one movie. I thought it would be too many plots, too many characters to show, and too many “important” scenes to capture in a short amount of time. However, the Russo Brothers definitely surprised me with how they went about this movie. They had a total of 27 heroes playing a role against the mad titan: Thanos. These heroes included Iron Man, Captain America , Black Panther, Thor, Spider-Man, Shuri, Mbaku, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Star Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Gamora, Groot, Mantis, Nick Fury, Doctor Strange, Wong, Falcon, War Machine, Hulk (although Bruce Banner had more screen time), Vision, and Scarlet Witch. The way the Russo Brothers balanced character screen time was very well done. There were a total of three different main rising action plots that occurred. The first was with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor attempting to split up and stop Thanos while getting a new weapon for Thor. Another plot where Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spiderman meet a few of the Guardians of the Galaxy on the world Titan (Thanos’ home). The last plot takes place mainly in Wakanda where Nomad’s posse of runaway heroes fight alongside the Wakandan tribe and Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster against Thanos’ children and army. All the storylines eventually met up and created stunning imagery and an even better plotline.

  The tone set in this movie was definitely serious. The storyline itself took an interesting perspective to Thanos more than the Avengers themselves. It gave Thanos a storyline to a controversial decision that may have seemed right to some of the audience. The move had everything from a love story to ultimate fighting scenes to actions Thanos did that pulled heartstrings. Marvel found a way to sneak in some absolutely hilarious scenes that was similar to “Thor: Ragnarok.”

  As mentioned before, this movie mainly focused on Thanos and his backstory. This was an interesting and very different viewpoint compared to every other superhero movie. The audience learned that Thanos lost his home due to overpopulation which resulted in war and famine. He had the idea of genocide, where he would eliminate a random half of the planet’s population in order to save the race. His race called him a “Mad Titan” and exiled him due to his crazy ideas, shortly before everyone on the planet died except Thanos himself. Thanos later dedicated himself to eliminating half the population of every planet in order for his version of peace and a thriving universe. Throughout his journey, he “saved” a young Gamora from her planet being attacked by Thanos himself. The emotional attachment that Thanos has for her adopted daughter, Gamora, is shown through a powerful scene in the movie when he is acquiring the soul stone.

  Overall, the movie itself definitely had an amazing plotline and story with an abundance of emotional scenes. Marvel has created another masterpiece that gives fans laughs as well as tears. Thanos will be back in the next Avengers movie next year and this movie will carry on to the following movies of the MCU.