Frozen 2 proves worthy successor of original hit film


Walt Disney Pictures

Anna, played by Kristen Bell, and Elsa, played by Idina Menzel, star in the much anticipated sequel “Frozen 2.”

   On Nov. 27, 2013, “Frozen” hit theatres and ever since it has been a well-known kids movie that is loved by almost everyone. It brought in $93 million in five days, and $67 million for the three-day weekend. “Frozen 2” came out on Nov. 22, 2019 and in its first week has made an estimated $127 million domestically and $350.2 million worldwide. The first “Frozen” may have hyped everyone up for the second “Frozen” but, “Frozen 2” ultimately had better box office numbers even through week one. 

   “Frozen 2” began by showing Anna and Elsa’s childhood with father talking about an enchanted forest and how he once was involved with it. He was there during the peaceful treaty and also fight of the two tribes. Arrendelle is the hometown of Anna and their family members. Arrendelle met an agreement with the magic tribe also known as Northuldra from the enchanted forest. The tribes met in peace, and as a peace treaty they built a dam for the tribe. During the celebration, something went wrong and the two tribes started fighting. The father explains how he was knocked unconscious and was there for days until someone picked him up and brought him back to Arrendelle. Anna hears a strange singing that draws her attention everytime that happens at random times. She chases after the voices, believing someone is in need of help. Throughout the movie Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven venture throughout the forest to help clear the enchanted forest of the fog.

   In the first “Frozen,” there were multiple songs such as “Let It Go” and “Do You Want To Build A Snowman” that stuck with the audience after the movie. But, in the second “Frozen” there were no memorable songs that are going to be remembered and sang. Although, this could be a positive for some parents because they will not have to listen to their kids play and sing songs over and over everywhere they go. It seems a bit off to me they tried very little at making more than one of these songs a hit. 

   Elsa is loved by critics and has some amazing songs, showing off Idina Menzel’s well loved voice. One of her best songs in the movie was “Into The Unknown,” which was sung while she came out of her castle because of the certain voice she was hearing. Anna, played by Kristen Bell, sang “The Next Right Thing” and was a very emotional song for Bell. She feels as if it is applicable to everyone. The whole feeling of what to do next really hit home for her and most of the audience.

   The characters were very well developed and Olaf stayed his hilarious self. When Elsa makes everyone slip and fall because of her ice, Olaf then explains through the entire plot of the first “Frozen” in a very amusing way. He also has his own song in the movie and stays his optimistic self that everyone loves. Sven finds other reindeer like him and hangs out with them during Kristoff’s attempted proposal. Kristoff finds someone from Northuldra, named Ryder, in the forest that acts just like him and they become friends very quickly. In fact, Ryder helps Kristoff in the forest and takes almost half of the day setting everything up. Elsa, being the queen of Arrendelle, does everything she can to protect their kingdom. 

   Altogether, “Frozen 2” was a big hit. The plot was very well developed and did not try and build its plot off the popularity of the first movie. They really tried to build a new story and did not try and stay too connected to the first “Frozen.” The directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck did a great job with songs, characters, new clothing, and connecting with the audience. “Frozen 2” is worth the money and I encourage anyone that watched the first “Frozen” to get to the movies and watch it with their families or friends.