New Star Wars series “The Mandalorian” begins streaming

New Star Wars series The Mandalorian begins streaming

   The most recent Star Wars film is not actually a movie but a television show and the new series was launched on Disney’s new platform, Disney Plus. “The Mandalorian” is about an unknown bounty hunter, respectively named Mandalorian, who is played by Pedro Pascal. In the first two episodes, released within a week of each other, viewers are introduced to the characters which developed the profession that he is in.

   With an estimated budget of $15 million per episode and an impressive trailer, “The Mandalorian” was expected to be an extremely good show: it is. Fans loved Boba Fett in the previous Star Wars movies, and they were upset that he did not get more attention. Disney’s choice to make their show about a similar bounty hunter has proven to be a great success.

   In the first episode, the new bounty hunter’s gunslinging skills are introduced in the beginning scenes of the show and are expanded upon throughout the rest of the episode while he hunts down an impressive two bounties. The Mandarlorian freezes his captives, much like Han Solo was frozen in carbonite on Cloud City in “The Empire Strikes Back;” however, the Mandalorian uses a much simpler device on his ship.

   While collecting his bounty for one of his missions, the Mandalorian refuses to accept imperial credits and scoffs at the Empire. The Mandalorian race was almost wiped out during the rule of the Empire and therefore much of their tradition was destroyed. The new character seeks to keep a part of his tradition by making the traditional Mandalorian armor out of Beskar steel. As part of the payment for his new bounty, the Mandalorian receives a block of Beskar which he uses to make a new shoulder piece to go with his armor. The only information that the Mandalorian is given about his new bounty includes a tracker leading him to the last known location, and the suspect’s age. The buyer believes in Mando’s expertise and skill and expects him to bring the suspect in alive. This bounty proves to be very important is probably what the whole series is going to focus on.

   At the very end of the first episode, the Mandalorian finds the subject of his bounty. While doing this, he meets a new friend and kills another bounty hunter. However, in the second episode the Mandalorian is faced with a new set of challenges. As he returns to his beloved ship, he finds it completely stripped and he proceeds to hunt down the Jawas who stole his things. After getting advice from a friend in the first episode, the Mandalorian has to trade his services for parts. The Jawas ask for an egg that belongs to a massive beast called a Mud Horn. 

   The show does not involve much dialogue which actually works pretty well because it resembles more of a western movie and has new music to fill in the silence. The main difference between the original bounty hunter and the new one, is that the Mandalorian resembles a hero and offers a more caring side to other characters. This all adds up to be a major hit on Disney Plus, and Star Wars fans are excited to see where Disney takes it in the future.