‘Hubie Halloween’ adds to the list of Halloween movies

   Hubie Halloween,” rated PG-13, starring Adam Sandler as Hubie Dubois, is the newest horror-comedy. Just in time for Halloween, “Hubie Halloween” was released Oct. 7. Hubie, a loner since he was in high school, is an outstanding citizen who takes the role of the monitor, taking care of everyone on Halloween night. 

   Hubie takes protecting the community on himself, with the help of his seemingly magical thermos with many hidden gadgets, to report the crime in Salem, Mass. A normal Halloween night changes rapidly into a real criminal investigation with the main character, Hubie, in the midst of the chaos.  While Hubie is simply trying to help the investigation by searching for several missing people, he is blamed for it all. Hubie is bullied by adults and kids alike, but no amount of hate from the people of Salem is going to stop him from continuing to help. He seeks refuge at a radio station where he gets the advice he needs to solve the crimes. The lesson in the movie rings true in all aspects of life that people should never treat someone poorly simply because they are different.

   Hubie, the hero of Halloween in Salem becomes one of the most respected members of the town. While the movie was well done and featured some lesser-known and newer characters acting alongside some more experienced faces of the entertainment industry, the movie left me wanting more. Adam Sandler is a very comical and talented actor; however, the movie was simply a repeat of his earlier works.
   I wish they would have done more to the plot to make it really stand out from movies that have such similar conflicts within. For example, the movie “The Waterboy,” another Adam Sandler classic released in 1998, has a very similar outline: Adam Sandler plays a character who is a mentally challenged young adult, struggling with bullying. Both Hubie Dubois and Bobby Boucher are nearly the same character: they are both bullied by everyone around them for their ignorance, who speak their mothers’ teachings as though they are the Bible. Both end up doing what they have always tried to, finally, with the acceptance of the community. Adam Sandler himself is a very talented actor; I just wish he would play a bigger variety of roles that could really feature everything that he is capable of. Keep in mind that not all of his movies are the same as “Hubie Halloween” or “The Waterboy,” but enough of them are to make it a bit repetitive and monotonous.

   Many viewers have basically watched this movie before; therefore, this movie was a bit of a letdown. I was hoping for something truly thrilling while, of course, featuring classic Adam Sandler humor. All in all, it was a good movie, but it could have been much better.