SHS Senior is CEO at seventeen


Grace Henderson

Corbin shows off his merchandise at Big Horn Technologies on Brundage.

Corbin Abernatha is the CEO and owner of Big Horn Technologies- a local business that provides IT support in cell phone repairs and advanced business networking. Abernatha is seventeen.

Starting so young, Abernatha has received some doubt when it comes to his work. “There’s a lot of skepticism,” But that doesn’t stop the young entrepreneur from gaining business, “People say I have an older phone voice,” he joked. These doubts, however have been squashed by the mere efficiency demonstrated through himself and his employees.“Really it’s just about proving that you can do a good job and that we’re competent in what we do, and in the services that we provide.”

Abernatha and the business are practically saving lives. Fellow senior Maddy Clift says “Corbin Abernatha singlehandedly fixed my iPod. That thing is like my kid.”

So what does having your own business entail, many might ask. For Abernatha, the best part is the flexibility. “If I need to leave to go watch my sister’s volleyball game, I could just go and do it,” he says, working under another employer, that may not be the case. It also gives Abernatha an edge in academics; he was named business student of the month for November.

A downside of owning your own business says Abernatha is the entire responsibility that is taking on your own business. “Making sure that there’s money in the accounts, and that we’re representing the business in the right way” is another part of all the responsibility, says Abernatha.

Abernatha gives a lot to Big Horn Technologies. He is up early at the office, and stays late. Though he believes this is all helping in the long-run, “It’s a risk I’m taking to run the business. It’s a great experience to have before you’re launched out into the real world. It gives a real sense of money management.”

“Corbin is surpassing everybody his age right now because he’s just so ambitious,” says friend and senior Andy Weitz, “who else can graduate high school saying they own their own business?”

Business and computer graphics teacher, Shirley Coulter agrees, “Corbin is very mature, organized, and concerned with customer care. He knows what it means to provide quality customer service.”

Not only did Abernatha excel in his computer literacy class, he also helped to teach the class. He showed students how to take apart the monitor, keyboard, and all while fixing broken items, then replacing them and putting it back together for the final product.

When he isn’t in the office, Abernatha enjoys spending time outdoors. He loves snowmobiling (“shredding the gnar,” as he put), and other recreational activities. “Corbin is a man of many talents,” says friend River Heide. Family is an important part of the young entrepreneur’s life; he enjoys spending time with his older brother and younger sister.

College and business are both in Abernatha’s future. He is looking at attending Sheridan College next fall while still continuing to expand Big Horn Technologies across the state. Abernatha plans on declaring a major of Business Administration, Abernatha may soon be taking the Sheridan/Gillette area by storm economically. “We will definitely be continuing with the business. Hopefully we are in an even better position one year from now financially, and community wise.”

Corbin is the son of Curt and Stacy Abernatha.