Artist and intellect, also a spunky trendsetter


Grace Henderson

Senior Meredith Weber loves art, poetry, philanthropy, and has a distinctive sense of style.

“But why me?” she kept asking. Starbucks was bustling this past Sunday, and Meredith Weber’s quiet voice barely carried over the noise from the espresso machines. I laughed, “You’re interesting, people want to know more about you.”

Not only an avid artist, but also a philanthropist, Weber makes a positive impact on everyone she comes into contact with at SHS. Weber participates in Spanish Club and Interact Club, and actively assists both by helping to plan the activities, and do the artistic projects. Although Weber is not particularly loud about her activities, she has an enthusiastic influence that is contagious.

While some people project themselves as artistic to gain an image, Weber conveys a modest and creative new-age trendsetter. She enjoys activities that include photography, reading poetry, drawing, and drinking chai tea.

When speaking of her photography, Weber says, “I like expressing myself through art… It’s a really cool medium; there’s so much you can do with it. It can be so interpretive.” Weber also enjoys making collages. The walls of her room are covered with vintage black and white photographs, which she says “gets out of control.” Weber took ceramics, photo, and studio art at the high school. She concludes by saying, “Doing art is just so relaxing.”

Another way Weber expresses herself is through her brilliant fashion sense, she says “I like to stand out.” She remarks that she does not follow what’s current, but focuses just on what she likes and what draws her attention. She enjoys earrings the most out of all jewelry, even piercing her own ears a third time, which allows her to wear even more.

Weber is known around the school for her sense of humor. “I would love to say that I have a good sense of humor, but then no one laughs.. It’s a confidence issue.” Her Zodiac sign is a cancer, which makes her a “crab and a disease,” she says comically, “I lucked out,”   As a goal after high school, Weber would like to have a herd of sheep from which she can make sweaters and then donate them to charities. “Except I probably won’t,” she remarked later.

As a very calm and collected person, Weber commented that she doesn’t get angry. Ever. “I might get pretty mad if someone stole my charity sheep,” she admitted later. She may come across as shy and conservative, but if her pink tipped hair and skull earrings are any indication, she has a spicy elegance. According to fellow friend and senior Morgan Brenneman, Weber is a big talker. “Our friendship is interesting, we have so many adventures…She’s a great person, and her mom is really cool, too,” say Brenneman.

Weber is looking at attending the University of New Mexico, and though primarily undecided in her major, she would love to pursue either photography, Spanish (since she is in Spanish V), journalism, or maybe all three. Weber would also like to travel the world to give sweaters to cold children. She would especially like to visit Costa Rica again, since visiting her freshman year during Spring Break.

“Meredith is just a genuinely kind person. She has a great sense of humor and always has something positive to say,” says close friend and senior Gretchen Dougherty.