Artistic senior shows promise as future business leader


Allison Kruse

Senior Henery Smith demonstrates his juggling abilities.

The creative, complex mind of Henery Smith is a mystery to most fellow SHS students. With a passion for business and a remarkable talent for geometric-based art, Smith stands out as a hard-working, innovative student.

As the vice-president of FBLA, Smith dedicates a large portion of his time to fundraising and planning for FBLA events. Alongside planning, Smith says he has taken an exponential amount of learning experience from the group. “Before, I couldn’t really speak to adults very well,” Smith said, “now it comes naturally and it’s just really easy.” Despite the lessons learned in FBLA, Smith claims that his favourite part of the group is the friends that he’s made.

‘Friendly’ is a very common word used to describe Smith, who is well known for being good-natured and never afraid to help out another student; Smith is always quick to encourage kind behavior between peers. In fact, earlier this year, after an unkind facebook page was made regarding SHS students, Smith took the initiative to create his own page for only positive messages and peer encouragement.

“Henery is somebody that always wants to do the right [thing],” said senior Wyatt Campbell, “he’s like the butterfly feeling in your stomach; like King Arthur when he rescues Guinevere. Every time I see him, my heart skips a beat. He is a do-gooder.”

Not only is Smith an outstanding friend, but he’s also an outstanding student. This critically-thinking senior is currently enrolled in Ceramics, Computer Graphics, Pre-Calculus, Broadcast Journalism, and is a teacher aide for past teachers Andy Lowe and Beth Harman. After having had Smith in his Physics class and a current teacher aide, Lowe said, “Henery is a quiet, thoughtful person with a great sense of humor.” His favourite course is Computer Graphics. “I’ve already had prior experience with graphic design and it’s fun to improve my photoshop abilities,” said Smith.

After graduation, Smith intends to stay close to home and attend Sheridan College, possibly majoring in engineering.

Outside of school, Smith shows significant interest in art; he draws frequently and describes it as a way of expressing who he really feels he is. Smith uses a series of geometric shapes and grayscale/limited colors to create his images. “It describes me in the way that I think and see things,” said Smith, “it’s quite enjoyable when it’s finished, and I can look at it and say ‘wow, that looks dope.’”For a better look at his art, visit rawr_pancakes on instagram.

Henery is the son of Shelleen Smith.