The model of a true, ideal Bronc


Ethan Hoopes

Hall is a two-sport athlete at Sheridan High School. Known around school as “A star football player and comedian,” Hall demonstrates what it truly means to be a Bronc.

He is known by many names: Halle, E-man, E-dawg, Hollywood, E-hole, Eth, Raw-dawg, Dreamboat, and “The-one-who-does-many-pull-ups.” However, most of the school know him as Ethan Hall, a star football player and comedian.

Hall is a very active person. In school alone, he is involved in football, outdoor track, and peer assist P.E. In football, he has played all four years and lettered in three of those years. His junior year he started as a middle linebacker and was awarded all-conference for his performance. Following a solid season, Hall exceeded expectations his senior year earning a super 25 honorable mention and an All-state award for middle linebacker. As for outdoor track, he has thrown shot put and discus for four years. To top off his involvement in his high school he has been enrolled in adaptive P.E., which is where peers help handicapped students complete physical activities, for the past two years. “Being in peer assist has really impacted my awareness of other (people’s) struggles and hardships” Said Hall, “It has helped me become a better person in both my teaching and leading characteristics.” His kindness does not go unnoticed, senior Dylan Lindly said “The kids love him and his outgoing personality. He makes them laugh every day.”

Having two older brother’s ahead of Hall has given him role models to take after. “I try to follow after my brother’s,” said Hall, but he doesn’t intend to do exactly the same as they have. Both of his brothers pursued football careers for the University of Wyoming, however Hall doesn’t want to follow the same path. “I don’t want to establish a future in something that won’t benefit me” said Hall, “I feel as if there are more options elsewhere I could benefit from.”

Hall’s favorite memory from high school comes from lifting with high school graduate Colin Eisenman his sophomore and junior year. The person that most inspired Hall in the high school is Coach Levi Duca. He looks up to him because he was a big influence on Hall during the summer football camp; “{He was] always pushing me to be better in my techniques” said Hall and “We really connected and I learned a lot of life lessons that made me a better person.”

Travelling is a very big part of Hall’s life. Two years ago Hall and his family went to Ethiopia for a few weeks and helped with a mission. His parents also adopted two sisters Olivia and Sophia, “It was a big change in my life and it really opened my eyes” said Hall. He has also travelled abroad the United States: Visiting Washington D.C, various parts of Texas, and both coastlines.

Outside of school, Hall enjoys being outdoors. He is an avid fisherman and loves to go hiking in the mountains.

Ethan is the son of Dale and Kristi Hall.