Sparkly starlet stays true to unique self


Mariah giggles before rehearsal in the auditorium. Oleson plays Sandy in this years musical, “Grease.”


The first time I listened to my recording of Mariah Olesen’s interview, I wished it could have been a podcast. We were in the middle of the auditorium while this year’s musical, “Grease”, was undergoing one of its many rehearsals. At times the music was loud enough to overpower even our own voices in the short interview, but it added an appreciation to the discussion and Mariah’s lyrical life that I may not have received otherwise.

As a spunky and all-around optimistic individual, Oleson spends most of her time playing with her cat, watching her sister quilt, and most often livening up the music wing with dramatic renditions of Phantom of the Opera.

“I love music; it makes my soul happy… It’s so interpretive,” says Olesen. Participating in Spectrum, Symphony Orchestra, and Drama Club at SHS, Olesen schedule is bustling. However, she still finds time to do one major thing she enjoys: writing music. “Composition wise, I’ve done some acoustic stuff on my guitar, but my favorite is my violin. There’s just something about it that makes me so happy,” says Olesen.

Olesen comments that she loves being in plays and musicals. “ I get to be a totally new person,” she says. “I mean, in Cabaret, I was a stripper, that’s not something that happens everyday!”

“Mariah is totally focused, she takes it very seriously. She never misses a beat,” says “Grease” director, Marva Craft.

Though such an animated individual, Olesen admits that she is surrounded by paranormal entities. “I’m haunted, “ she says while laughing, “but they’re all kind spirits.” Also, she makes it clear that ghost hunting is much more than a hobby. It’s an obligation.

The future for Olesen includes attending Sheridan College on a full tuition scholarship, majoring in theatre with an emphasis in musical theatre. Eventually, the starlet would like to end up in New York. “That’s the dream,” she says simply.

However, a major goal is to have a family one day. “This is cheesy, but I want a family. I want to keep making music, and if New York works out, that’d be great too,” says Olesen.

Other than music, Olesen also uses fashion to express herself. “My style changes everyday, it depends on how I’m feeling. I can be glamorous one day and the next day, a hippie who hasn’t showered for three weeks.” Stating, also, that the best way to describe it is “like an old lady.”

Clearly, Olesen’s cheery disposition makes an impact on all others she comes into contact with. “Mariah has taught the younger students the value of hard work,” says Craft. “She’s grown and improved each year.”

Olesen believes everyone should be whomever he or she would like, which is a quality that sets her apart from others. “I think the key to happiness is having an open mind and seeing the best in everything,” she says while discussing her future goals.

“She doesn’t let people change her. She’s so unique and true to herself,” says close friend and senior Natalie Magera. “She’s also hilarious.”

“I’d like to give a shout out to my cat, Effie,” Olesen concludes.

Mariah loves jazz and is the daughter of Clint and Brandi Olesen.