Grappler has “power;” also likes the musical stage


Lillian Cannon

Senior Cody Delk is “one awesome kid.” Delk has lettered in both wrestling and football.

A grey shirt from the 2014 Shatto Wrestling event. Sweats from the 2012 State Championship. But there’s much more to Senior Cody Delk than just dressing like a wrestler. He is a wrestler. And he’s good.

Delk started wrestling halfway through his eighth grade year, and has achieved much since. He started wrestling because he thought it was fun, and he discovered he was good and with motivation from his coaches and family, he has gotten very far.

Both Coach Tyson Shatto and Coach Scott Cleland agree that Delk has great work ethic. “He is a unique wrestler with great power and position,” said Shatto. This work ethic was proven at the Down Under Sports meet. Delk began his journey at Down Under Sports in New Zealand. Wrestlers from Australia came up and wrestled. Then, they went down to Australia. “New Zealand was pretty. We didn’t have a chance to go to the Outback of Australia, but the cities were cool and the people talked funny.” At Down Under Sports, Delk went undefeated.

Something that may be forgotten about Delk is that he has been in the musical his sophomore and junior year. “The musical was fun,” Delk said, “the wrestlers that were there just goofed off, and helped and we all became closer.” He was a waiter in Hello Dolly, and a Russian soldier in Fiddler on the Roof.

Wrestling season is the same time as the musical, so Delk was doing two extracurriculars, something that most can’t do. “Of all the wrestlers that have become part of this cast, he was the hardest working, and the most dependable,” musical director Marva Craft says, “he’s one awesome kid.”

Upcoming athlete, freshman Logan Harding, looks up to Delk in both wrestling and football, “He’s persistent, and doesn’t give up.”

Delk has also played football all four years of high school. “It’s been really nice,” Delk says about all his activities. “Football started before school started. After football, wrestling starts, then I have two months to be with my friends. I’ve had a good time in high school.” Football linemen coach Kevin Rizer says, “Delk is a very hard working young man. Has has been very committed to Bronc football for the past three years. He was a very important leader for us this year offensively. He has great work ethic. He wants to be the best.”

After high school, he wants to go to college, maybe a university, and maybe to wrestle there. “I’m not really sure what I’m going to do,” Delk says.

Delk is the son of Tamy Miller and Eddie Delk.