Nick Gill: there isn’t a better fish in this sea


Courtesy Jason Rogers

Senior Nick Gill is a leader in the school, respected for his musical talents as well as being an All-State football player, a soccer player, and part of National Honor Society.

Not often can one blend so seamlessly his interests as senior Nick Gill has over his high school years, from his abilities with his cello to athletic pursuits to maintaining a stellar reputation in the classroom. “Nick might as well be the poster child for what the school wants in a student-athlete,” friend Trace Addlesperger said, “plus he’s a great friend and someone you enjoy being around.”

Gill has been in the football program for all four years, as a starter for the last two years, and he All-Stated this year as both a kick return specialist and a wide receiver. To be voted as first team in two positions speaks to his talent and ability. He was first in returning yards in the entire state, and seventh for receiving yards. He’ll represent Sheridan football in the Shrine Bowl, an all star football game this summer involving all classes, with a special focus on going to the Shrine Hospital in Salt Lake City.

“Football’s probably my favorite sport. I miss it a lot,” Gill said, “I like being out there with my friends and teammates on Friday nights.”

As much football as Gill has played over the years, his commitment to music is just as remarkable, if not more. Gill started taking lessons from Razmick Sarkissian when he was five years old. Over time, Sarkissian has grown to be a mentor for Gill in his music abilities, and he has excelled as cello player in his time at Sheridan High School.

“The class is really enjoyable, and I like playing the cello. I enjoy being part of an orchestra and it’s really a great feeling to produce music as a group and perform it for the community,” said Gill.

As the cello section leader for the last three years, Gill has not only been an outstanding player, but a leader as well. He made the All-State Honor Orchestra twice, and has received superior ratings in every one of his District Orchestra Festival solo performances.

Beyond the music, Gill has also dedicated his time to schoolwork. With a 3.89 GPA, Gill has amazingly completed a rigorous schedule, including AP psychology, calculus, U.S. government and politics, environmental science, as well as two years of French. In college, he looks to extend this excellence by study biological sciences or something in that general area in hopes of going to medical school. As of now, Gill plans to go to the prestigious University of Washington.

Also in his high school career, he has participated in basketball his freshman year, wrestling as a sophomore, and soccer all four years. Gill is a starting midfielder for this year’s squad, and leads a strong group of seniors. “It’s more of an artistic sport, you can do more on the field than like football. Plus it’s a world-renowned game, and its cool to know you’re playing a game that people love across the world” said Gill about his passion for soccer.

Even with all the challenges of his schedule, Gill finds time for volunteering and fun with friends. Anyone familiar with Gill is quick to mention his quiet but friendly demeanor, someone who gets along well with anyone. “There’s no way to describe him. He’s like an angel. He’s just better than everyone else,” friend Nick Estes jokingly says with a laugh, but there is a twinge of seriousness to it, a response you’d hear often about him. Gill has found a niche in high school that almost none can replicate, with such an impressive resume across the broad spectrums of academic, athletics, and music.

Gill is the son of Bridget and Trey Gill.