Humble student, aggressive athlete


“Beware of her ferocity on the field or court when she flicks the ‘Fieldgrove switch.'”

“If you could be anybody, be me,” senior Jennae Lynn Fieldgrove jokes. Lover of athletics, boys over six feet tall, Pepsi, and freestyle dancing, Fieldgrove is unique.

“Many might consider Jennae Fieldgrove to be somewhat of an introvert, shy and fairly private. The truth is that Jennae is a spry and funny person. She is never afraid to be herself. Jennae is quick to brighten any room with her playful sarcasm and wit,” says head soccer coach Mallory Marshall.

Fieldgrove is a valued player in basketball, volleyball, and soccer, her favorite being basketball. “It’s the only sport I love to play, watch, and be a part of,” says Fieldgrove. With an ACL tear, she wasn’t able to join the Sheridan Lady Broncs on the volleyball court this season; instead she faithfully attended every practice and managed from the sidelines. She also won’t be able to join her basketball team until the end of January, but hopes to contribute during regional games and then state.

Coach Jessica Pickett is excited to have her back, “She is pretty dynamic; she’s an incredible athlete, when Jennae gets going running up and down the court it’s just fun to watch. She is such an athlete; she’s quick, and she can basically play at any position in basketball.”

Marshall also notes Fieldgrove’s talent as an athlete, “Beware her ferocity on the field or court when she flicks the ‘Fieldgrove switch.'”

She hopes to go to either the University of Wyoming or Colorado State University to pursue a civil engineering degree after leaving high school. But what most don’t know is that Fieldgrove dreams of being an optometrist for obvious reasons, “I love eyes and always go to the eye doctor.”

Fieldgrove’s perfect life ten years from now would look like a solid annual income of eighty thousand dollars, a dog, and some form of a man in her life.

If you’re going through love problems, Fieldgrove is excellent at handing out relationship advice: “Don’t get into one.”

She also has a set of ten standards every girl should consider while choosing the right boyfriend: 1. tall (at least six feet) 2. not blond 3. skin color doesn’t matter 4. athletic  5. intelligent 6. not into drug use 7. funny (very) 8. nice to people 9. lots of friend (of their own, who are boys) 10. good fashion sense.

Fieldgrove longs to go on a date in the mountains: “In a truck, go up to a hill where you can see the mountains and sunset, put some pillows and blankets in the back of the truck and lay and watch the stars and sunset.”

Fieldgrove would not only be a fantastic girlfriend, but she’s also a wonderful friend. “I love how she is able to overcome anything. And even though she is a procrastinator, she gets it done. She is a dependable friend who is resilient and sarcastically genuine,” says close friend and teammate Emily Julian.

Jennae is the daughter of Mary Jane Fieldgrove.