Champion in all aspects


Culley Emborg

Senior Julia Fenn serves during a tennis match. Fenn is a four year state champion in number one singles tennis and her record is 58-0, undefeated in her high school career.

Playing sports since she can remember, senior Julia Fenn knew from the beginning that tennis was her favorite. Born and raised in Sheridan, Wyo., Fenn participated in any and all sports she could such as basketball, soccer, floor hockey, volleyball, cross country, and obviously, tennis.

Sometime in elementary school she started playing Sheridan Storm soccer where she met now-senior Mackenzie Dougherty; the two became friends and have been ever since. “Julia has always been here for me,” said Dougherty. Fenn continued to play many sports all through elementary, junior high, and into her freshman year.

In the fall of the 2012-2013 school year, when she was a freshman, Fenn won her first state championship in number one singles tennis while playing on the SHS tennis team. For her four years playing high school tennis, her record is 58-0, undefeated in the regular season and has won the state championship for number one singles each year using her Wilson Burn 100ls, Fenn’s favorite racket.

Fenn has a very habitual lifestyle, especially for tennis practice. “I’m very routine oriented, so I do not waste time when I practice,” said Fenn. She begins warming up with plyometrics, and then she is fed around 75 balls to hit back Fenn works on her technique. After that she hits back and forth with someone, and if she’s with her mother, the two play a match. “Each practice I have specific things that I need to work on and I focus on those.”

Before a match Fenn likes to arrive an hour early to get her warm up in and start her serves and specialty shots. Fenn jumps rope right before she goes on the court. “Every time I switch sides, I take a drink of water and I look at my little note cards on the other players.” Fenn says she is very confident when she goes on the court because she knows she’s worked hard at what she needs to do to win. “You can tell she knows what she is doing when she goes on. That’s why she wins,” said Fenn’s varsity tennis coach, Bob Faurot.

Like she does in tennis, Fenn excels in her schooling. Having taken 10 AP courses, she has maintained a 4.0 GPA and is ranked number one in the 2016 graduating class. Ever since her freshman year Fenn has participated in many extracurricular activities including Fellowship of Christian Athletes all four years, National Honor Society her junior and senior year, and the “We the People” national government competition her junior year. “I do homework all the time,” said Fenn.

When this tennis champ isn’t practicing for tennis or doing her homework, she likes to stay active hiking, playing frisbee golf and ultimate frisbee, and taking the occasional trip down to Laramie, Wyo. to visit her brother Tom.

Friend, senior Tyra Relaford describes Fenn as, “Just Julia. She’s so bubbly and likes to enjoy life to the fullest.” It would be hard to not like someone who tries to remain drama free, supports her friends and family, and makes everyone feel comfortable. “She is always nice to everyone on the team and I know her teammates like being with her,” said Coach Faurot.

Being that her favorite subjects in school are math and science, Fenn sees herself in the medical field in the future but has not decided where she wants to go to college or what her major is. Fenn is the daughter of Armella and John Fenn.