Aspiring graphic designer shows promise in art classes


Courtesy photo Mindy Wilson

“When I became more involved in art, I realized that this could be something I was good at.” -Sara VonKrosigk

Unique, artistic, and stylish. These are some of many words that can be used to describe Sara VonKrosigk. On the road, she’s easy to spot, maneuvering the streets in a green 1977 Ford Bronco. When she can’t be found in one of the art rooms, she is usually working on AP calculus or physics. Of all her classes, VonKrosigk says her art classes (Studio Art, Computer Graphics, and Art Unwrapped) are her favorite.

Art has had a great influence on this senior’s life for as long as she can remember, and in regards to what inspires her the most, she said her inspiration comes from her parents who are both successful in business and teach her to push herself and put forth her best work. She says having the help of her parents is a huge advantage to her because it helps people to take her more seriously as they let her collaborate her art with their businesses. She first became fully submerged in art when she was in junior high. “I have always played sports but never felt like I stood out in them, but when I became more involved in art I realized that this could be something I was good at,” said VonKrosigk. Because of her artistic talent, she has decided to attend a four-year university after high school and enter a graphic design program. “I also intend to take time to travel and find part time work abroad to build my experiences even more,” she said.

Currently, Sara works at Big Horn Design where she is able to showcase her talents in graphic design by creating new t-shirt designs for the store, some of which were for sale and on display during rodeo week last summer. Some other projects she has been a part of this year are creating a logo for a cleaning company, a design for a soccer jersey, a Habitat for Humanity t-shirt design, and a graphic for the school newspaper. “I enjoy graphic design the most,” said VonKrosigk. “I have just recently started to do more graphic design work. In most of my other artwork, I always try to incorporate something personal.” Her junior year, she made a collage with actual hand written letters from her both of her grandfathers.

In ten years, she sees herself working for a design or marketing company. “I want to be able to pair my art skills with business skills and hopefully be able to own or start my own company,” she said. In addition to being into a career field that illuminates her talents, she hopes to travel often. “Many people don’t see the point of wasting money on traveling when you don’t really have a high paying job or a stable job, but I disagree,” said VonKrosigk. “I think that traveling gives you more experience and helps you gain knowledge that you can not gain by staying in one place.”

In her free time, she enjoys skiing, visiting family, hanging out with friends or sharing a laugh with her “cool mom.”

Sara is the daughter of Greg and Kristi VonKrosigk.