Goss discovers leadership through wrestling


Photo Culley Emborg

Senior wrestler Tucker Goss has set the SHS takedown record at 152 takedowns and has earned first place at several wrestling tournaments over the years.

Ask any underclassmen wrestler who their biggest role model on the team is, and the majority of them are more than likely to answer “Tucker Goss.” Growing up in a family of wrestlers, senior Tucker Goss has been exposed to the sport from the age of five. Throughout elementary school, Goss competed in little tournaments all around Wyoming, and in junior high, he started traveling out of the state for certain rounds. Goss currently wrestles on the varsity team in the 132 pound weight class.

Goss didn’t become a varsity wrestler overnight; it was a matter of time and persistence for him to build mental grit and formulate a diet plan. He has developed a personal technique throughout his years of wrestling and it has led to many victories. At the end of both Goss’s sophomore and junior seasons, he placed second at state, falling short of the state title by just one place. Despite his setbacks, Goss’s perpetual goals and optimism have helped him grow through his losses.

“Tucker’s work ethic has always been good because his family has instilled that in him from a young age,” said head Sheridan High School wrestling coach Tyson Shatto. “Wrestling is the perfect sport for him to exploit that.”

At the annual Shane Shatto memorial tournament in Douglas, Wyo. on Jan. 8- 9, Goss placed first and the Sheridan team as a whole placed second. In regards to the dedication required to be a wrestler, Goss said, “There’s no sport that demands as much as wrestling does. There isn’t another sport that could demand you to lose five pounds in a week in order to compete at your top level.”

One of the most common yet questionable training techniques for wrestling involves cutting weight. “To people who have never wrestled or don’t understand it, cutting weight probably seems like starvation,” said Goss. Goss recommends eating very nutritious foods in small amounts.

During his 2014-2015 season, he broke his older brother’s takedown record. In 2011, Goss’s brother, Trevor Goss, set the SHS record at 152 takedowns but last season, Tucker Goss was able to break the record with a score of 175 takedowns.

As a senior, Goss has taken up the mantle of a true role model by mentoring and offering constructive criticism for younger wrestlers and by setting a good example as an athlete and as a person. “His leadership is second to none,” said Shatto. “The kids respect him and the coaches know that they are in good hands when their backs are turned and Tucker is in the lead.”

Goss has set high expectations for himself since this season will be his last. He plans to earn more pins for the season and win a state title. Aside from his personal goals, Goss hopes that the team will win a team title because this season’s wrestlers are full of potential and Sheridan hasn’t won this wrestling title since 1990.

After high school Tucker hopes to attend Sheridan College where he will study welding and machine tools. Eventually he will open up his own custom motorcycle and fabrication shop here in town and give back to his sport by coaching wrestling on the side.

Tucker is the son of Tim and Colleen Goss.