Athlete excels in soccer and music


Photo Courtesy Mike Clift

“I really like to work with people and different personalities.” -Tommy Clift

 Throughout his widespread involvement around Sheridan Wyo., senior Tommy Clift has become a well known and talented figure. Not only has his participation in soccer attributed to his athletic reputation, but he also has the privilege and inclination in music.

  Clift began his career playing soccer at a young age, and he’s currently playing in his thirteenth year of the sport. Originally, Clift began by playing various other sports such as ultimate frisbee and tennis, but he found soccer more favorable. Playing at the YMCA along side older adults, Clift began challenging himself by participating in a week-long camp in Denver, Colo., playing against Colorado club teams. Clift continues playing for his own enjoyment and personal growth while playing on the Sheridan High School boys soccer team.

  Clift pushes himself towards improvement, working on his agility with spotting passes and learning the value of working as a team. Above all the other benefits of soccer, he recognizes meeting new people as one of his favorite parts. “I really like to work with people and different personalities,” said Clift.

  Clift strives for success in soccer, but also focuses and works towards a future in music. Influenced through the interests of his mother–who is a local voice instructor and professional performer–Clift takes an approach towards music. In the past he’s reached many different areas of musical success. After playing under the instructions of SHS’s orchestra teacher Razmick Sarkissian starting in 4th grade, Clift became one of few Sheridan students to make All-Northwest during his senior year while All-Stating in cello all four years of his high school career. Not only showing devotion and commitment towards the cello, Clift also takes an interest in guitar, playing for 11 years, as well as singing. Working and interning for Shawn Day, local music artist and producer, Clift grasps his passion for music recording tracks. Last year he performed alongside seniors Heather Heath and Brynn Bateman and junior Will Craft, placing third overall in Stars of Tomorrow at the WYO Theater.

  Not only participating in soccer but Clift also shows a passion towards the outdoors. Clift spends much of his time backpacking in the mountains, fly fishing, and snowboarding alongside friends and family. “I love how off trail it becomes and the indescribable feeling and connection you feel being alone up there,” said Clift.

  As far as school is concerned, Clift works to challenge himself. Currently, he’s enrolled in AP Brit Lit, AP Environmental Science, and AP Calculus. Last year, Clift participated in We The People in unit one, as the team placed first in districts and at state. Clift plans to go into music business, recording arts, and production and is currently looking into possible schools in Nashville, New Orleans, and Denver. Clift shares how he is excited for this new chapter of his life with high hopes: “I’m looking forward to finding my place in some capacity throughout the change in music and being able to establish a good network of people in college, and definitely come out of college happy with what I’m doing.”

  Throughout Clift’s growth he shows recognition to Shawn Day, Luke Gipson (YMCA program director) and spanish teacher Alison Vold who pushed him towards success, inspiring him. Clift looks back on a successful and goal oriented past and a hopeful future filled with his passions.

  Clift is the son of Karen Clift, and Mike Clift.