Computer wiz looks to future in coding


Photo Courtesy Piper Carroll

Senior Sid Carroll has the unique hobby of creating stickers through graphic design. He’s even the proud creator of a local Snapchat filter featuring a Sheridan campsite design.

  Senior Sidney Carroll, better known as Sid by his peers, has been interested in art and technology for as long as he can remember. Ever since elementary, Carroll has been creating hand-made art but has never liked the imperfections of his artwork. He learned and started graphic design in high school in hopes of escaping the errors of hand-made art and has loved it ever since.

  “I never liked how if you made a mistake you couldn’t just erase it; with graphic design you can,” said Carroll in regards to the difference between hand-made art and graphic design. While Carroll loves graphic design, he doesn’t want to pursue a career in it, but would rather do it in his free time and possibly on the side of his main career. Carroll has several projects that he is proud of, but one of his more cherished designs is the Snapchat filter that he created and was accepted by Snapchat for others to use.

  Carroll also enjoys fixing computers because he’s very knowledgeable about how they work, learning from his dad at a young age. He helps fix many of the school Chromebooks when they are broken in his computer maintenance class, which is designed to teach students how to fix and build computers. Computer maintenance is taught by Shirley Colter. Carroll enjoys patching computers and loves that it’s like a big puzzle with no computer being the exact same.

  Like many, Carroll has been looking forward to the end of his senior year. With the end approaching fast, Carroll has been weighing his options for what he would like to do outside of high school other than graphic design. If accepted, he’s set on going to a different kind of college in San Francisco, California called Holberton.

  The software engineering school has a very unique system of how the college runs. There is a lengthy application program, but if accepted the college is free of initial cost but later takes a percent of the student’s income for a few years. The coding college has a two year curriculum that is based on having mentors from big online companies like Google and Facebook as well as project based learning over the standard college system.

  Carroll meets all the criteria to go to the diverse college and is currently going through the application process. He hopes to be a software engineer and would love to learn how to be one at Holberton. He would learn from mentors who are senior software engineers and he would like to work at a place like Google after he is out of college. He hopes to perform front and back web design when he finishes his education. By doing front to back web design, he would be working on how websites look as well as how they work.

  Outside of the tech world there is much more that Carroll does. Carroll has many activities on a day to day basis to make life more interesting. From the young age of five, Carroll has been performing in the orchestra starting with the violin and then moving up to the bass at the beginning of junior high. Carroll enjoys playing the bass above other instruments because of its deep sound and large size.

  To make his free time more interesting Carroll also competes in sports. This school year was his first year of swimming and regrets not doing it before. “I grew a lot as a person,” said Carroll. “The team was really helpful and encouraged me.” Other than swimming Carroll is pondering spring tennis because it is one of the only sports he hasn’t participated in before.

  When he isn’t working on computers or playing the bass, Carroll spends most of his time at home making stickers. He uses his graphic design background to make memes and then prints them out and puts the pictures together with a sticky material to make them into stickers. After making a page of stickers, he sells the page for $5 to whoever will buy them.

  Carroll is the son of Justin and Julie Carroll.