Track star plans to attend nursing program at UW


Photo courtesy Stephanie Penrose

Senior Peyton Bomar has participated in volleyball for the last ten years, but also enjoys other sports like hurdling, triple jump, and long jump.

  Hurdling since the sixth grade, participating in volleyball for ten years, senior Peyton Bomar has broken a record while still maintaining her grades and social life.

  One of Bomar’s favorite memories was running the 4X4 meter relay last year in outdoor track with her teammates senior Grace Edeen, and juniors Anna Zowada, and Riley Rafferty. Gillette had gotten a time of four minutes flat and Sheridan was just barely behind them. “It was our best time by about five seconds,” said Bomar, “It was just a fun race.”

  Another sport that Bomar enjoys is volleyball, she started participating in volleyball through the YMCA. Bomar has played every position in volleyball, but this year she was the libero. A libero, the player who wears a different color jersey than the rest of the team, replaces any player that is in the back row, at any time without having to wait for “subs” to be called in. Bomar is not planning on playing any sports in college.

“In track you have a connection with certain people on the team, but then you can also have friends in different towns, whereas in volleyball, that is very frowned upon,” Bomar explained  in regards to the differences between track and volleyball.

  Bomar maintains her grades during sports by bringing her homework with her on bus trips and goes home right away to do her work and go to bed.

    While Bomar enjoys to play sports during the school year, in the summer Bomar and her family are able to go to Tongue River reservoir where they go boating which includes wakeboarding, tubing, and skiing. “I tried surfing last year which was really fun,” she said. In the winter Bomar enjoys snowboarding. An interesting hobby of Bomar’s is slacklining. Slacklining is when someone suspends a rope with two anchors, like trees, and walks or balances on it.

  Bomar says that throughout her high school career some of her favorite teachers have included Tim Daniels and and Beth Harman. Bomar said that she was able to connect with Daniels, and that even now when she doesn’t have a class with him that she enjoys going in to see him whenever she can. “I like to go in and see him, say hi, hang out and talk about college plans and everything in general,” said Bomar. Her favorite class is the Certified Nursing Assistant course that she is taking this year.

  Bomar is looking forward to graduating and going down to the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo. She said that what she will miss her teachers, friends, and Sheridan in general because her whole family lives here. “That’ll be a little bit of a change, but I’m also looking forward to it as something different,” Bomar said.

  Bomar is going down to the University of Wyoming for the nursing program. She has wanted to be a physical therapist for the last couple years. Over the year Bomar’s dad was able to get her to the Sheridan Memorial Hospital to observe surgeries and other doctors. Bomar was able to get into the hospital because her parents are good friends with people who work at the hospital. She was able to get into the Women’s Health facility, during her senior year, where she followed Doctor Quinn and viewed five different surgeries. Bomar was able to see a full knee replacement, a arthroscopic surgery on knee and they did a ACL repair with that, a broken shoulder, a broken elbow, and a broken ankle.

   Bomar also went to Billings and was able to observe a ride along with the flight team. Bomar’s second cousin’s boyfriend was a flight nurse and was able to sign off to allow Bomar to observe the flight. They transferred a patient from Billings, Mont. to Salt Lake City, Utah. There was a patient, two pilots, two nurses, and the one of the patient’s daughters on the flight with her too. They took her down, rode in the ambulance, got her settled in the ambulance and came back to the plane. Bomar was a part of a twelve hour shift that went from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  

  Bomar is the daughter of Randy and Stephanie Bomar.