Computer technician expands his fields in technology


Ben Osmun repairs a computer for the school district technology department. (Photo Caleb Keller)

 The intense and complicated process and technique that is used to build a computer and program a wide variety of technology is something that Ben Osmun craves to do. Osmun began his job as a Computer Technician for the Sheridan School District during the summer of 2017. Osmun said, “I love my job because I get to learn more about what I want to do in the future.”

 Ben’s older brother Lane Osmun first introduced Ben to the world of technology when he was in eighth grade. “He always tried to deal with computers, like fixing and building them,” said Osmun, “I saw him doing it and I kind of followed in his footsteps,” Osmun taught himself how to code as well as his knowledge of software. The job that Osmun has always wanted, and that he actively pursues, would be a software engineer. He built computers with spare parts that his grandmother had and also created games and apps for phones. He later excelled and increased his skill level throughout his high school life by taking the Microsoft Application class his freshman year and then later took AP Computer Science Principles, A+ Computer Maintenance, and Web Design. During summer, Osmun took Networking Academy because it would further his knowledge of technology as well as advance him in his possible career field.  

  After this year, Osmun will be taking the compTIA test. The compTIA test is designed to certify the competency of entry-level personal computer service professionals in installing, maintaining, customizing, and operating them. Passing this test would make Osmun the first Sheridan High School student to complete this as well as a handful of jobs would open up for him, including, computer repair or software engineer jobs. “I always like to learn new things and there are always new things to learn with technology,” said Osmun.

  Osmun currently works for the district’s tech department. His jobs range from simply cleaning all of the laptops in the high school, to setting up the new iMacs. He also can set up projectors for any school and fix typical problems on Chromebooks. Osmun worked all of his junior year summer as well as throughout this current school year, also, Osmun has a seventh period free to work a couple of hours.

  After high school, Osmun plans on achieving his computer science degree to get his software engineer career. He will take his general studies at Sheridan College, and then complete his degree program at the University of Wyoming. After acquiring his degree in computer science, Osmun hopes to stay in Wyoming even though there are ‘not a lot of jobs here for software engineering’ as he explained, “usually it is just the bigger companies, such as Google, that hire software engineers depending on your skill level.” What motivates Osmun the most to continue his technological career path is the amount of classes that are offered at the Sheridan High School that count as college credit. “Taking as many college classes as you can that are towards what you want to do in college is the best thing that can be handed to you,” said Ben.

  Osmun’s role models include his father, Stacy Osmun, and his older brother, Lane Osmun. “(They) are pretty much genius and love to learn like I do,” says Osmun regarding his father and brother. Osmun’s father is a pharmacist and works hard at what he does. They have both taught Osmun how to work hard in everything he does and not to give up. The approach they all take is more of a strategic approach towards problems and projects. His role models clearly have an impact on how Osmun strives to gain more knowledge and be a better person in general.

  Osmun is the son of Stacy and Christie Osmun.