Buckler brings baking to the next level


Buckler presents a decorated cake. (Photo courtesy Tracy Buckler-Tyree)

Senior Amanda Buckler, a varsity soccer player, and part-time baker, typically can be found either on a soccer field or baking in her kitchen in support of her homegrown business, ACB Desserts. She grew up in Sheridan and has stayed throughout her school career and absolutely loves it here. Buckler expands her daily life through sports, traveling, baking, and extracurricular activities.

She has been an active participant in Sheridan KidsLife and Sheridan High School activities such as soccer, cross country, indoor track, and the Spanish Club. For the past few years, she describes soccer as, “her sport.” She played varsity during her sophomore and junior year and hopes for a starting position her senior year.

Often describing herself as a travel enthusiast, her love of travel and the Spanish language combined when she took a trip
to Costa Rica with the Spanish Club in the summer of 2016. She has expressed consistently that she is “in love with the Spanish language.” Buckler would like to do something with this passion in the near future, such as teaching Spanish or using her skill to communicate while traveling.

Buckler started her baking business, ACB Desserts, a little over a year ago on Nov.
1, 2016, and it has ultimately grown to a place where she never thought that it could reach. ACB Desserts includes a stunning array of designed cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. She usually charges for the number of supplies that she uses. Normally, Buckler’s small cake would cost around

$30.00. Buckler, unlike other bakers, does not charge by the hour because she is extremely careful when making her cakes and designs.

Strangely enough, Buckler does not enjoy certain aspects of the process of baking. She says that the process “requires too much tedious e ort.” Buckler explains

her love for baking is more of a love for decorating the cakes that she makes. “Since I am not naturally creative, this makes me feel like I am,” said Buckler. Buckler was individually drawn to baking without any particular motive from outside influences. Neither her mom or dad have liked baking or cooking in the past. Regardless, she loves to bake.

Buckler normally caters to small children’s birthday parties. She decorates these cakes with small faces and animated cartoon characters, such as Despicable Me and SpongeBob characters. Buckler has a substantial amount of business from the parents of young children.

Also, she would like to pursue a career in baking but thinks that this career may bring about issues with nances. “Eventually in life, when I’m more financially stable, I would like to return to baking, and possibly make a strong career with it,” said Buckler. Even with continuous barriers in this line of work, she still attempts to push through them. However, she would like to pursue all of these careers and wants more in life than a simple career after college.

Aside from her baking aspirations, she also has other goals and is looking to pursue a variety of careers including

physical therapy. She has come to enjoy this after her recent injury along with time spent in the training room. Buckler feels extremely comfortable within this eld and would like to pursue this because of her love for people. “I just like to help people as much as I can, and I see this career as something that would allow me to do that,” she said.

Eventually, she would enjoy studying abroad in a Latin country, more specifically Peru, due to her love for the Spanish language.

Buckler is the daughter of Tracy Buckler- Tyree and Troy Tyree.