Long-time thrower finds success in final year


Myers stands on the podium for indoor state championship with his state champion title award. (Photo courtesy Patty Myers)

  Senior Max Myers has been participating in sports for as long as he can remember. Growing up, soccer and football were his favorite sports but he initially strayed away from soccer as he reached the junior high. But with soccer going out the door, track took a shot at replacing it.

  The idea came from his grandpa, who was a great thrower back in his day and encouraged him to give shot put a try. This led Myers to join the track team all the way back in fifth grade which was the earliest he could and has only ever thrown since.

  Myers has been working hard in the sports he competes in, football and track, for all four years of his high school career. All of the hard work has shown this year with it being his most successful year yet. In football, Myers gained his third championship title, and during the indoor track season, he took a state title in shot put and has already broken one of his own records. It was no short amount either; Myers broke his own school record, set last year, by nearly three feet making the new record for indoor shot put 55 feet 7 inches.

  Myers set the goal to break the record and meant a lot to him when he broke it. “It was cool to break the record and get my name on the wall,” said Myers. With his final season of indoor track now over, Myers is looking to win several more state titles in his last year of outdoor. He is hoping to take both the discus and shot put record down and replace them both his name while also earning two more state titles.

  Myers has not had as many opportunities to throw this season due to the number of outdoor track meets being canceled due to weather; therefore, he has not thrown as much as some of the other athletes from other schools. This has not deterred Myers any though, who is looking forward to more meets coming up soon.

  One of Myers favorite moments from his previous years was last year when he walked into the pit to throw and started his own slow clap. Others joined in, and his coach was not very pleased and had said the Myers had better earn it.  Myers threw an all-time best and broke the school record with.

  Throughout high school, Myers has been mostly oriented towards math and science taking harder mathematics classes like his current enrollment in AP Calculus.

  After high school, Myers is unsure of exactly where he would like to go to college. However, he does know for sure that he would want to throw for a college and is a bit sick of the cold. He currently has a few offers coming from Black Hills State in Spearfish Colo., the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo., Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Ariz., and Illinois State University in Normal, Ill. He has not decided exactly which school he would like to attend yet because he wants to keep his options open. While in college, he plans to get a major in biology and then go to medical school to become a dentist.

  Besides his academics and sports taking up most of his time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and playing games when he has free time. Myers also really enjoys lifting because of the strength gained from the activity along with the idea of constant progress. His love for weight lifting has really shown through the years. Myers unofficially broke the school’s empty barbell rep record because there was a substitute the day he attempted it. He is looking to break the record officially later this year with his personal goal set on getting 500 reps of the empty bar.

  Myers is the son of Patti Myers.