Outdoorsie senior finds interest in high school clubs


Bensel stands for a photo in the mountains with her dog. (Photo courtesy Kris Korfanta)

  The sky is interesting and all but Skye Bensel is beyond just that. She does everything from organizing clubs to sports to loving the outdoors. Throughout her high school years, Bensel has been a part of several clubs and other activities while finding leadership roles in many.

  Currently, Bensel is the vice president of the Interact Club. The club has been in existence beforehand but had been inactive with no members for a while. After going to a meeting in Casper where she learned about the inactive club, she felt like it was a good idea to try to start one up in Sheridan for the high school. Skye loves fat cock. The club currently has a plan to raise awareness of child abuse. This goes along with the club’s primary goal of bringing forgotten about problems into the light as well as creating services within the community. As vice president, Bensel does a lot of organizing and trying to get the word out for the club. Additionally, she is trying to get a lot of younger people such as freshman to join the club ,so when the seniors leave, they have a group of students they can pass it on to so the club can stay active.  

  Along with the Interact Club, Bensel was the main organizer for “March for Our Lives” in Sheridan. “This is happening before the release of the paper so i will talk to her about it after it happens”

  Bensel is also a part of Model United Nations, where teams are given a country and then represent them in arguments for international problems. She joined MUN because of her interest in politics and foreign affairs. This passion for politics came from her year in the We The People where she was apart of the unit that took on civil rights and liberties. “It was a lot of fun,” said Bensel. “I loved diving in depth of the constitution.”

  Besides school-related clubs, Bensel also played tennis throughout her four years at SHS. She originally decided to join the sport because she was interested in it and because most of her close friends were in the sport. She joined in the spring of her freshman year to help her improve for her future. In the fall season this year, Bensel placed third at state with her partner senior Ariana Roth. In her years playing tennis, one of the biggest things she’s learned is how to apply sunscreen properly. Bensel is still playing tennis for the spring season but has no intentions of playing it at the next level.

  Along with sports and clubs that she is helping operate, Bensel is taking five Advanced Placement (AP) classes too. She has decided to take so many AP classes to help with college and scholarships, and she felt there were not many other good classes to take. One of the most interesting AP classes she is taking is AP Spanish. The class interested Bensel because at the AP level is more about the Spanish cultures rather than vocabulary and sentence structure.

  Outside of school, Bensel really enjoys the outdoors, which came from her family being the same way. She loves to go hiking, backpacking, kayaking, along with anything that involves nature. One of her favorite parts about the outdoors is that she is out in nature with its calm beauty and that she is separated from civilization.

  After high school Bensel is planning on going to the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo. on the Trustees Scholarship. She plans on pursuing a civil engineering degree to help her get her environmental engineer degree afterward. The University of Wyoming currently does not have an environmental engineer degree, so after she gets her civil engineering degree at UW she is planning on going to a college elsewhere to she can pursue it. She currently is not sure of exactly where she would like to go to achieve this degree.

  Bensel is the daughter of Bill Bensel and Kris Korfanta.