Kuehl prepares for success after high school through extracurriculars


Maggie Kuehl

Aria Heyneman, Maggie Kuehl, and her cousin Julia Twiford hike through Cloud Peak wilderness.

   At Sheridan High School, it is not uncommon to see students zooming to class or conversing in the halls, but many also might happen to see senior Maggie Kuehl as she makes her way to one of her many accelerated classes. Along with her sunny disposition, Kuehl is a role model for time management, confidence, and patience. Born into a family where she has been taught to be driven, she faces her challenges head on and with enormous grace. 

   Kuehl is an academically outstanding student, completing the majority of the most difficult classes offered at Sheridan High School in order to stay engaged and interested in her studies. Taking both Geometry and Algebra II her freshman year, Precalculus her sophomore year, and Calculus I and II her junior year at Sheridan College, Kuehl challenges herself in more aspects than one. She notes that testing her academic abilities has helped establish priorities in her everyday life. “I have learned to excel in time management,” Kuehl said. “I know that I have to get things done otherwise I’ll face repercussions, but staying busy allows me to also try new things and find new interests.” Kuehl has also taken several AP classes including psychology, Spanish, computer science, physics, and statistics, all of which have helped develop her critical thinking skills, patience and discipline. A strenuous class schedule provides the incentive for academic awards and honors, while also helping to improve problem solving and time management skills.    

    From being an active member of Student Council, Outdoor Club and National Honor Society, to a member of the 2018-2019 We The People team, Kuehl is an individual who enjoys having a challenge in her schoolwork. “Maggie has very high academic expectations for herself and those around her,” said government teacher Michael Thomas. “She has very high work ethic and is always willing to put in extra work outside of class to gain knowledge on the topics she is passionate about.” Crediting part of her success as a student to her demanding class schedule, Kuehl claims her AP classes have pushed her to be a more hardworking and productive student. Challenging herself has also allowed Kuehl to become familiar with the structure of college life and has enabled her to be comfortable with the application process for renowned universities and scholarships. This fall semester, Kuehl has been focusing on applying to over half a dozen of some of the most sought-after universities in the nation. While staying busy with her applications for Stanford, Columbia, Carnegie Mellon, and Pomona, among others, Kuehl also manages to keep a 4.0 GPA. 

   While taking some of the most taxing college level courses regularly, she has also found the time to contribute to several extracurriculars at SHS. Kuehl is a three-year veteran of Student Council and is currently the sitting Treasurer of the senior class. She is a member of Outdoor Club and National Honors Society and has been running both indoor and outdoor track since her freshman year. Whether it be in the classroom, on the track, or at school-sponsored events, Kuehl is a shining example of what it means to be a dedicated and paragon student. 

   In her free time, Kuehl enjoys drawing, experimenting with makeup, and enjoying nature with her friends. This past summer, she enjoyed the Bighorn Mountains and Cloud Peak Wilderness with friends on an overnight trek. “I find it a great way to experience nature in a calming and athletic way,” Kuehl said. “It is peaceful to be in the wilderness that has been almost untouched by humans.”

   As she begins her senior year, Kuehl is looking towards a career in either architecture or psychology. She enjoys learning about cognitive science and the complexity of the human brain but has also expressed an interest in computer models and designing realistic buildings. High school has also been a useful vessel for Kuehl to develop as a person and to find her creative niche through the challenging yet encouraging environment.

   Kuehl is the daughter of Michelle Sullivan and Brian Kuehl.