Erramouspe continues to bring kindness to SHS


Ashley Cooper

Erramouspe’s favorite instrument to play is the quads in the SHS pep band, and he endeavors to promote a lively spirit at football games.

   Within the experience of high school, life can be stressful and difficult at times. Homework, finding a close friend group, getting a significant amount of sleep, and staying on top of all the other things that go on outside of getting an education are just a few things that can make high school hard. We all need people to keep us going and laugh with, or someone to look up to during these four years, reminding ourselves that it is all going to be worth it in the end. Senior Jack Erramouspe is the perfect person when it comes to times like these. 

   Erramouspe is a member of the SHS band and is a leader in Sources of Strength. Within the band, he is a percussionist, which results in him playing several different types of instruments. However, many see him playing the quads, which are tenor drums that are used as a marching percussion instrument. Outside of band, Erramouspe plays the drums for the band in his church. “I drum at my church because not only do I love music, but I love the lord,” said Erramouspe. “So if there’s a way I can put those two things together, I take advantage of it.” With that, music has become a major factor in his life. “Music is probably the biggest thing that has shaped me into the man that I have become,” said Erramouspe. “It has taught me so much about myself and has been a crucial part of my life.”

    Sources of Strength is also another part in Erramouspe’s life that truly represents who he is. Sources of Strength is a club at SHS where students interact and make the school and outside world around them a better place by making sure everyone is involved and basing the organization around the principles of kindness. “I receive satisfaction from making others happy, so when I heard about this program I took advantage of the opportunity and signed up as fast as I could,” said Erramouspe. 

   Making sure others are always feeling welcomed and being kind is a big concept for him. “Kindness is extremely important,” said Erramouspe. “It is the biggest strength in life. Many say that kindness is a weakness, but I believe only weak people see it as that.” 

   Not only is he kind, but Erramouspe also finds a way to get people to laugh and enjoy life. “Jack is just a kind, funny dude who loves all,” said close friend and senior Ethan Rickett. “However, do not ever go to scary movies with him.” Erramouspe enjoys scary movies a little too much, and spent the whole time taking every opportunity he could to freak out Rickett as much as possible. 

   Along with that, Erramouspe always radiates positive energy onto others and is down to earth. “He always has good vibes, and his laugh is something I’ll miss when high school is over and we part ways because it is very contagious,” said close friend and senior Lowden Askins. 

   Now that his high school career is slowing down, Erramouspe has time to plan for the future to see what is ahead of him. “I plan on studying psychology,” said Erramouspe. “I like to make people’s lives better, and if there is any way I can make an impact on someone’s life through kindness, then that is the job I want.” He is not yet decided on where he would like to attend college, but with his mindset and positive outlook on life, his standards are set high. 

   “I hope he accomplishes whatever he puts his mind to, because out of anyone I know, he is the person that will be able to,” said Askins. 

   Erramouspe likes to give credit to his mom for becoming the person he is today. “My mom is the person who has influenced me the most in my life,” said Erramouspe. “She taught me that life isn’t going to be easy, and although she can be hard on me, I know that it is all out of love. She taught me how to be strong in who I am and she prepared and is still preparing me for life after high school. She is the best.” 

   Erramouspe is the son of Brandy and Jake Erramouspe.