Arnold looks to cherish final semester of senior year


Ashley Cooper

Lizzie Arnold prepares herself before taking off down the runway in the long jump.

   Throughout Sheridan High School, several students and teachers know senior Lizzie Arnold. In the classroom, hallways and the track, Arnold is highly recognized as a role model to her peers and being a generous person with a great work ethic. 

   Within the fall and winter months, Arnold spends her time training and getting in shape for the indoor track season. During her sophomore year, she decided to go out for the sport. “My freshman year I didn’t do anything during the winter, and I got really bored,” said Arnold. “My sophomore year I went to preseason track and made a ton of friends, so I decided to stick with it.” She competes in the 200-meter, 400-meter, occasional 100-meter, and long jump. Arnold also competes in the outdoor track season in the spring. With the help of great work ethic and determination, Arnold has helped not only herself but also others thrive within the sport, making the team successful overall. “Lizzie has taken a strong leadership role throughout our fall training,” said Kelting. “Her teammates see how hard she works on a daily basis and it really sets the tone for how they should practice.” 

   One of her favorite aspects about track has been creating close relationships with her teammates and coaches. “Lizzie has a great, easy-going personality,” said head coach Taylor Kelting. “She is extremely personable and gets along with everyone.” While both seasons are different in their own ways, Arnold enjoys the indoor season more because it is more laid back due to the season not being as competitive as outdoor, and it is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy the team. 

  Inside the classroom, Arnold is a phenomenal student. English 1010, AP Calculus and AP Environmental Science are just a few classes she takes at Sheridan High School that involve college credit. “AP Environmental Science is my favorite class because it makes me view our world and environment in a different way,” said Arnold. “It has altered my views and lifestyle.” Next semester, Arnold plans on interning at a dental and orthodontist office as well. She is also a member of National Honor Society, Outdoor Club and “The Cool Calculus Club.” In addition, Arnold has found success in her high school career because of principal Brent Leibach. “He has always had my back and helped me through many problems in life and encouraged me to push myself to my limits and believe in my potential,” said Arnold. “He is always positive and looking to better those around him.” 

   Outside of school and athletics, Arnold enjoys spending time in the mountains, hiking, skiing, paddleboarding, and spending time with her dogs, friends, and family. These things make her the happiest because they help detach from all stressors in life and remind her to take a breath. 

   Since her senior year is halfway over, Arnold plans on finishing out the year strong and cherishing the last few months she has left with her classmates. “I’m looking forward to the track season and spending time with my teammates,” said Arnold. “I am also looking forward to finishing the year with my friends and making the most memories as possible.” She has also set a few goals for herself to reach by the end of the school year, such as making it to graduation and potentially the indoor track state meet. While looking ahead to her future, Arnold plans on attending Colorado State University, where she would like to major in Biomedical Science for anatomy and physiology. From there, she would like to go to dental school. 

   For her last words and advice to underclassmen, Arnold would like to include “You’re worth more than some people may value you at, and whatever you are going through, this too shall pass.” 

   Arnold is the daughter of Susie and Kelly Arnold.